About carrying out the second (selection) stage of the Republican event "Mind Games" among students of higher educational institutions in Bukhara state medical Institute

   "On additional measures for the implementation of the state youth policy in the system of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2019" - the program of events defines the task of holding the Republican event "Mind Games" among students of higher educational institutions, the qualifying stage of which will be held in the Bukhara regional in IIСSOCM with the participation of Toshev Sh. H., chairman of the Bukhara city Council of the youth Union of Uzbekistan M.M. Ochilova, specialist of the Department of justice of Bukhara region F. R. Bazarova. - April 29, 2019 with the participation of the faculty, teams and students of all higher educational institutions of the region.
  The competition was attended by teams “Active Youth” of Bukhara state medical Institute, “Irfon” of Bukhara state University, “Investor” of Bukhara engineering and technological Institute, “Irrigator” of Bukhara branch of TLMA Institute. The event began with the sounds of the national anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan. After that, the Vice-rector for scientific work and innovations, BSMI - Nuraliev N. A. and guests spoke briefly about the competition and wished good luck to the teams. Based on the draw, the sequence of teams was determined.
   Teams competed on 4 criteria - “Voice of youth”, “Operational question-answer”, “Problem and Solution”, “Test of thinking on stage”.
   According to the results of the jury evaluation, the teams showed the following results:
On 1 criteria: “Irfon” team -7.3 points; “Investor” team - 6.3 points; “Active youth” team – 8 points; “Irrigator” team - 6.3 points.
On 2 criteria: “Irfon” team – 4.7 points “Investor” team – 2.5 points; “Active youth” team – 3.3 points; “Irrigator” team - 2.5 points.
On 3 criteria: “Irfon” team – 8 points; “Investor” team – 6.7 points; “Active youth” team – 8 points; “Irrigator” team - 7 points.
On 4 criteria: “Irfon” team – 8.7 points; “Investor” team – 7.7 points; “Active youth” team – 9.3 points; “Irrigator” team - 8.7 points.
  The team “Irfon” of Bukhara state University, which won the competition, received a ticket to participate in the regional stage, which will be held at Karakalpak state University.


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