Day of memory and honor

    In connection with the celebration of the 74th anniversary of Victory in the Second World War were held the solemn events. 
  The event began and was held in memory of our compatriots who selflessly died in World War II with the laying of wreaths to the sounds of a military orchestra at the foot of the monument to the Grieving mother. On may 9, at the regional event dedicated to the Victory over Nazi Germany, the staff of the Institute demonstrated their performances. The organization of the event was attended by the teaching staff of the faculty and the Department of hospital therapy and traumatology. At the event, the staff of the Institute demonstrated the process of treatment in a military hospital to provide medical care, blood transfusions and treatment of patients wounded on the battlefield during the Second World War. Also with the participation of the student team were demonstrated cultural events such as dances with various songs and dances of soldiers free from the battlefield.
 Residents and guests who came to see the events, on the basis of various stage performances, got an idea of the processes during the Second World War and became acceptable to them.

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