On May 20, 2019, teachers of the Department of Public Health, Health Care and Hygiene held an event called “Independence of Uzbekistan - a new era in the development of interethnic relations” in the student hostel number 2 of the Bukhara state medical institute.
  Head of the department Ph.D. M.A. Ataeva noted that since ancient times, people's tolerance for our people has acquired a new, deeper meaning and essence over the years of independence.
  After gaining the independence of our country on January 13, 1992, the Republican Center for International Cultural Development in Uzbekistan was created. The law guaranteed that, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regardless of their nationality, have the same rights and freedoms, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, language, religion, social origin, beliefs, personality or social status, equality before the law. Today, more than one hundred and fifty ethnic groups live and work in our country. Their national cultural centers operate throughout the country. Over the past twenty-seven years, these centers have developed, and they have made a worthy contribution to the preservation of the language, art, and culture of each people, to strengthening the atmosphere of friendship and peace in the country.
  In our country, there are all opportunities for all nations to develop their language, culture and art, national crafts, traditions and customs. Classes in schools and colleges are conducted in Uzbek, Karakalpak, Russian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik and Turkmen. Uzbek people are hospitable, friendly, generous and kind people. Representatives of different nationalities living in Uzbekistan live in the world, creating all the conditions and opportunities for their work. Every centimeter of Uzbekistan is sacred for us. Teachers of the department H.J. Salomova, A.A. Jumaeva and U.G. Vakhidov noted that the policy of tolerance pursued in our country is the main factor of peace, inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic harmony in Uzbekistan.


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