Festival of silk and spices in Bukhara

      From 25 to 27 May 2019, the annual festival of silk and spices, the Department of spirituality of the Institute and all departments, active and talented students. More than 100 girls of the Institute presented their dances to guests and guests of our city at the concert program. Head of the Department of spirituality and education Z. S. Bakhranova was impressed by the scenery, prepared by professors and teachers of the Institute and, of course, active students, as well as many of the Andijan, Khorezm, Bukhara, modern Spanish, Georgian and Russian dances and entertainment. At the festival, Oriental masters of folk craft demonstrated their unique art in many areas. The festival of silk and spices is traditionally held in Bukhara for many years. This year the festival celebrates its 18th anniversary. The purpose of this event is to support folk crafts, preservation of cultural heritage and the level of artistic skill. Folklore performances, national entertainment programs, national fabrics and spices were presented in many parts of Uzbekistan. Various events were held on the streets of Bukhara to create a festive and bright historical atmosphere.


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