June 30 - youth Day

Today, about 20 per cent of the world's population is young. In Uzbekistan, this figure exceeds 60 per cent, which makes young people an invaluable asset of our people, our state. Therefore, one of the urgent tasks is to increase the spirituality of young people, increase their respect for national and universal values, a sense of belonging to the processes taking place in society and strengthen the Patriotic immunity of the younger generation.

In recent years, our country has established a strong legal framework to protect the rights and interests of young people. In particular, 45 laws and regulations on youth issues have been adopted over the past two years. More than 30 international legal acts aimed at ensuring the rights and freedoms of Uzbekistan's youth have been ratified.

Young people, as the future of the country, should make full use of all opportunities to realize their desires, purposefully assess the aspirations of every young person, show the right way to those who have lost their way, create conditions for those who are looking for opportunities, encourage young people to be always cheerful and respond to any social realities in a period of rapid development.

In pursuance of the tasks defined in the order of the presidential Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 25, 2019 № 08/1-1482, in order to hold the "Youth Month" and a wide celebration of "Youth Day", as well as to perform the tasks defined in the letter of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 87-04-942 dated May 8, 2019, June 25, 2019 head of the Department of spirituality of Bukhara State Medical Institute Z. S. Bahranova organized an event called "Youth - Our future" with the participation of all students and graduates in the courtyard of the Institute.

The event began with the youth anthem and the words of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. M. Mirziyoyev, who proposed to form the "Youth Union" and declare June 30 "Youth Day". Rector of the Institute A. Sh. Inoyatov also congratulated all students on the "Youth Day" and wished them further education and scientific discoveries.

Students took an active part in the National Festivals of Theater Studios, intellectual competitions and contests of fun and skillful, taking pride of place: in the National Festival of Theater Studios - "Best Producer", "Best male actor" and "Best female actor".

At the regional competition the finalists were students from the League "Afandi", the team "Erroneous Doctors". Also became winners in the Republican competition "We against corruption" in the nomination "Best poster", and in the nomination "The Best article" in the Republican competition on "Human Trafficking - a problem of Time". In the Republican contest on the theme "The Problem of the Era" were the winners in the category "Best essay", and 50 other active students of the Institute were awarded diplomas and diplomas, as well as the head of the course "Mannerism of Oriental girls", which works in harmony with modern traditions and customs of Uzbek girls. Senior lecturer in social sciences Kenjaeva Khurshida Pulatovna was distributed handouts, performed more than 10 state national melodies and dances. At the event, the musical program was presented by our foreign students, humorous performances were demonstrated, competitions were held in 6 sports, teams and winning students were awarded diplomas of the Institute. The event was widely covered in the region, the Institute and the media "Uzbekistan 24".

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