On October 4 this year, special attention is paid to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the law “On the state language”, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on the worthy celebration of this anniversary.

As in the document stated “The Uzbek language as one of the ancient and richest languages in the world is a symbol of national identity and independent statehood of our people, its invaluable spiritual wealth and great value, which are extremely important in the socio-political and spiritual and educational development of the country”.

As noted in the resolution, on the basis of the historical law “over the past years, our mother language has gained a solid legal base and high status. Today, the Uzbek language is actively used in all spheres of our life - state and public administration, interstate relations, science, education and upbringing, medicine, culture and art, it sounds loudly from international stands. ”

As in all educational institutions of Uzbekistan, and at the Bukhara State Medical Institute on October 21, the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Languages organized a large literary and educational event dedicated to the day of the celebration of the law “On the state language,” called “You are our pride, our unique language."



To open the solemn meeting, an introductory speech was given to the assistant professor of the Department of Foreign Languages, N. B. Bakaev, where he noted that, based on the requirements of today's new stage of development of Uzbekistan - the period of national development, large-scale work is underway to increase the role and authority of our mother tongue in society. The geography of studying the Uzbek language is expanding, new goals and tasks are being set for its development, and our institute is a striking example of this, which this year, having accepted students from foreign countries, has the opportunity to teach foreign students the Uzbek language.

Then the vice-rector of the institute for spiritual and educational work Z. S. Bakhronova, the head of the department G. N. Kurbanova and the assistant professor of the department D. A. Abdullaev spoke in their speech that love for the Motherland begins with love for one’s native language, for one’s native word , education of the people, first of all, is attention to the education of the young generation, in the spirit of love and devotion to national values, as well as to their native language. For this purpose, as in all institutions of our republic, and in our institute, with all the teaching staff and students, we also worthily celebrate the thirty years of the adoption of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the state language”.



After opening remarks, students 107, 134, 125, 352, 173 - groups presented to the participants of the event, a prepared literary and educational program on the state language. On the stage in the image of our great ancestor A. Navai, as the founder of the Uzbek literary language, poems were read and the uniqueness and beauty of the Uzbek language was noted. Students read poems about the Uzbek language, sang and danced.



The event left a great impression on both the audience and the students who spoke about the dignity of the language, about the enrichment of its content. And each of us must fight for the purity of the language and make every effort to raise the Uzbek language to a new level of development.




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