It is also obvious that medicine is - a theater. Conversations with patients and their relatives, rounds, communication with colleagues require considerable acting skills and turn into theatrical performances. Medicine and theater exist in the same cultural field.





     The theater is inseparable from folk life, national culture and history. The art of the theater, unlike other arts, is a living art. It occurs only at the hour of meeting with the spectator. It is based on the indispensable emotional, spiritual contact of the stage and the audience.

     Students of the Faculty of Dentistry performed a scene from Shakespeare's work “Romeo and Juliet”. This is the tragedy of William Shakespeare, telling about the love of a young man and a girl from two opposing Verona clans - Montechchi and Capulet.






     Romeo and Juliet - strength and fragility, tenderness and courage, youth and sacrifice; for the whole world, their names are a symbol of pure and true love, which defeated enmity, hatred and treachery. The beauty of their feelings, the strength of their high moral deed is so attractive that for many centuries it continues to delight us with its sincerity and unbeatable strength. Listing the similarities and differences of modern and medieval relations, it should be noted that love is not subject to time. She has always been, is and will be equally beautiful, selfless and bright.

    Students of the Faculty of Medicine prepared a scene telling about the life of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.




     Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin in his short life made a huge contribution to the development of the Russian language. He left behind a rich literary heritage, been taught from the elementary grades of the school. Each of us has read at least one of Pushkin’s work, be it a fairy tale or a poem. A lot of Pushkin’s works were filmed; operas and plays were performed. Pushkin, like no one, knew how to enjoy the beauty and harmony of the world, nature, human relations. The theme of friendship is one of the leading poets in poetry. Love for Pushkin is the highest tension of all spiritual forces. Amazing poem about love is the poem "I remember a wonderful moment." Pushkin knows how to find amazing words to describe the magical effect of love on a person:

And here you are again,

Like a fleeting vision

Like a genius of pure beauty.




      Thus, the theater combined music, vocals, painting, and dance has become, probably, the most popular, multidimensional art form, characterized by a unique ability for constant development and renewal. The profession of a doctor is not just a profession, it is a mission, it is a way of life, and it is a feat, in the words of A.P. Chekhov. “It requires purity of soul and thoughts. One must be clear mentally, purely moral and neat physically. ”



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