The motto “Educated youth is the mirror of the country” to improve the social and spiritual atmosphere in higher education institutions for the 2019-2020 academic year, sent by the Presidential Administration on November 7, 2019. Fulfillment of the tasks set in the “road map” for holding a series of spiritual and educational events under the motto “I am a child of the motherland” in secondary specialized and higher educational institutions. At the same time, the organizational, practical, cultural and educational activities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, dedicated to the eighteenth anniversary of state independence, became the main idea of the motto: “My dear Uzbekistan, live forever!” in accordance with the Institute’s action plan for the implementation of educational activities and an educational program. In particular, under the motto “My dear Uzbekistan, live forever!” spiritual and educational meetings of students and teachers of the department in partner organizations of regional districts dedicated to Independence Day, lively conversations and conversational meetings took place.

In September – November, the essay competition “The Best Scientific Article” was held among students, dedicated to the national essence of national independence “My dear Uzbekistan, live forever” by young scientists and talented students.

Moreover, “Spiritual and moral development of youth”, “Elections: strategy and tactics of victory” with the participation of activists of the Bukhara Regional Environmental Party; Partnership on “Respect for Women”, “Leaders and Youth”, “Great with Human Behavior”, COO “Kindness”, Religious Representative and BSU. “Harmful consequences of drug addiction” The event was organized by the regional department of internal affairs “Crime Prevention” in TSC No. 2 on the theme “Independence of Uzbekistan - a new era in the development of interethnic relations”. “Mother and a healthy child”, “I am ready for the elections!”, “Youth for honesty and respect for the law at home”, “Uzbekistan - interethnic harmony and religious tolerance” “Uzbekistan - interethnic harmony and religious tolerance”, “Personal example - each parent’s duty ”,“ Drugs are the end of life ”, meeting“ Elderly ”at“ Week of older people ”,“ Student “We are responsible for the future!” Under the motto “We are one! “The hand at home is my mission” under the slogan “The Aral problem is the problem of peace” under the theme “Do not give in to bad habits - choose a healthy life”. Let life become our everyday life ”,“ Ancient Enlightenment ”in the drama theater“ Ancient and Eternal Bukhara ”,“ The Role of Personal Values in the Formation of a Student ”,“ Healthy Lifestyle ”and“ Book ”-“ Source of Knowledge ”- literary and literary evening “Be proud, my pride!”, “Spiritual education of youth and the fight against corruption - the key to development” is underway.

In addition, at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the initiative of the institute in the city and district schools “Higher courage is moral courage”, “Healthy family is a healthy society”, “I am ready for elections” On the topics: “Remembering our ancestors”, “State Uzbekistan’s anti-drug policy ”,“ Prosperous Village ”,“ Mahalla” , “Every Family is an Entrepreneur ”,“ Youth are Our Future ”,“ Five Positive Initiatives ”. Organizational and practical, spiritual and educational events are held.

At the same time, students of each faculty continue their theatrical performances in accordance with the task of organizing the student scene “Student Theater Studio”.

In Uzbek (with the study of the Russian language) schools "Eugene Onegin" is included in the compulsory school curriculum in literature

Tatyana Dmitrievna Larina, is the main character of the novel "Eugene Onegin", the standard and example for countless female characters in the works of many writers, the "national type" of a woman, ardent and clean, dreamy and straightforward, persistent friend and heroic wife.

Each art, having special means of influence, can and should contribute to the general system of aesthetic education of students.

The students from the pedagogical faculty set up a scene from Moliere’s comedy “The Tradesman in the Nobility”. The action takes place in the house of Mr. Jourdain, a tradesman. Mr. Jourdain is in love with the aristocrat, the Marquis of Dorimen, and trying to win her favor, he is trying to imitate the nobility in everything. Madame Jourdain and her maid Nicole make fun of him. Wanting to become a nobleman, Jourdain refuses Cleont in the hand of his daughter Lucille. Then Cleont's servant, Covielle, comes up with a trick: under the guise of a Turkish dervish, he dedicates Mr. Jourdain to an imaginary Turkish noble dignity to his mother’s ears and arranges the marriage of Lucille with the son of the Turkish Sultan, who in fact is disguised as a Turk Cleot.

The comedy “The Philistine in the Nobility” is Moliere’s bold and very successful literary experiment, which has been invariably popular with readers for several hundred years.

Students of 143, 145, 147 groups took part in the performance and prepared these performances with great excitement.

Thus, as the author points out, excessive efforts are the main obstacle to achieving the goal. Ignorance, an alien way of life, and culture amusingly reveal the hero, making him look like a crow in a peacock feather.

Students prepared this comedy show with great interest and applause. Of the 4 participated faculties, this comedy was highly appreciated by the audience. In the future, students from foreign and joint faculties will perform.

Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment



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