On November 5, 2019, representatives of “Eximbank Korea” headed by Director Chang Yongsoo visited Bukhara region. The visit was organized as part of the program "Providing regional medical institutions with medical equipment". Members of the delegation visited a number of medical institutions in the Bukhara region, including the regional perinatal center, the regional diagnostic center, the regional medical union of Kagan, Peshkus, Jondors and Gijduvan districts and the family clinic in Bukhara. As part of the program, the bank’s representatives also visited the newly built clinic of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, where they visited and familiarized with the progress of the clinic’s construction with the institute's rector A. Inoyatov. The rector informed Eximbank Korea about the clinic's design; estimates of the medical equipment needed for the clinic, and planned events. For information, the medical equipment needed for this clinic is planned to be purchased on the basis of a soft loan from Eximbank Korea.





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