On December 21, 2019, the first family planning and reproduction center was opened in Bukhara. Rector of Bukhara state medical Institute - Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich, Professor of the Department of surgery - Abdurakhmanov Mamur Mustafaevich and chief physician of the perinatal center - Olga Nikolaevna, and a specially invited guest from India, the head of the company - Pavan Abraham were invited to the event in honor of the opening.

The opening of the center began with a solemn ceremony of cutting the red ribbon, which was attended by the rector of the Bukhara state medical Institute Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich and the Director of the center, candidate of medical Sciences- Hikmatova Nigina Izatullayevna.

The rector of Bukhara state medical Institute opened the event with an introductory and solemn speech. In his speech, he vividly expressed the importance and focus of the center on the creation and creation of a happy and healthy family. I noticed the whole concept of introducing innovative technologies that will help to solve the problem of infertility in families. After all, a healthy family is the basis of everyone's happiness. He solemnly congratulated all those present on the opening of the center and happy new year! With good intentions, he wished everyone prosperity and well-being.

Director of the center Hikmatova Nigina Izatullayevna, Professor of the Department of surgery Abdurakhmanov Mamur Mustafayevich and other invited guests also joined the parting words, wishes and congratulations.

Also, a speech was made by a gynecologist Moiseeva Olga Mikhailovna, who has extensive experience behind her. She gave a very moving speech, in which she noted that infertility had not been a problem before, and this problem was not a priority of the Ministry of health. But now more and more families have to deal with pathologies of reproductive age, including infertility. She also stressed the fact that the problem of high fertility has gone far into the past, and we faced the problem of infertile marriage, both male and female, and that all modern methods for diagnosis and treatment will be implemented in this clinic to help buy happiness for every family.

The clinic was distinguished by a very favorable, cozy, modern, festive - with balloons and ribbons, the atmosphere, pleasant, polite employees and employees of the center.

The event was held under the beautiful melodies of a small live orchestra of double bass and violins. Tables were set with sweets and other treats.

Everyone present was in a good mood and under a pleasant impression.












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