On December 23, 2019, the meeting of the rector of BSMI Professor Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich and doctor of medical Sciences - Emmanuel Alain Cabanis, who came from France as an election observer. Taking advantage of a good opportunity on arrival in Bukhara, he decided to get acquainted with our Institute.

Emmanuel Alain Cabanis, MD (Paris, 5, 1970) and MD (Paris, 5, 1983). A neuroradiologist and neuroanatomist, he is a president of the National Academy of medicine and the European Academy of Sciences. Professor of the University-practicing physician at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie-Paris 6, former head of the Department of neuroimaging radiology at the center of hospitalization of the National Dr. of Ophthalmology XV-XX. He is an expert in the court of Cassation.

The initiator of the vision Institute of the University hospital, he introduced the second French RX scanner in Brazil. Project Manager "Visualization" in the offices of the two Prime Ministers, Michel Rocard, then Edith Cresson and project Director of the first French clinical evaluation of NMR. Emmanuel Alain Cabanis - researcher-lecturer in the Laboratory of anatomy of them. A. Delmas, in the army health Service, at the Civilian hospice in Lyon.

Administrator XV-XX and President Of the medical Commission of the Institution, for 10 years Professor Kabanis directs, until his inauguration, his project to create a Hospital-University Institute of vision.

His early involvement in research and teaching in the service of the patient accounts for nearly 450 publications, 120 book contributions, more than 200 abstracts and nearly 75 articles.

The meeting raised issues of both familiarization and the topic of visiting the Republic of Uzbekistan and the city of Bukhara, which Emmanuel Alain Kabanis visited for the first time.

The Professor was shown a smart book with an innovative approach of reading information from a book in three-dimensional resolution about human anatomy. She made a great impression on him. Also, the Professor shared his works, expressed his thoughts in the field of knowledge of medicine.

After the discussion, the rector of BSMI Professor A. Sh. Inoyatov expressed his gratitude to Professor from France for his visit. The parties expressed their readiness to strengthen the ways of further cooperation.

The meeting was held in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

































































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