On December 28, 2019, was held a regular meeting of the scientific Council with representatives of the Institute. At the meeting, the rector of BSMI Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich made a speech with the theme of the report “Results of 2019. Existing problems and their solution. Future plans”.

The meeting raised the topics of the Institute's progress in recent years in all directions, as well as plans for 2020-the improvement of the University in all existing areas and areas. All the work carried out by the Institute was provided in comparative charts and graphs. According to the data provided, the development trend of the Institute is well captured.

The rector told the academic Council about the conference call of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, December 27 with representatives of the younger generation. – We will build a new Uzbekistan together with young people. The year 2020 will be a turning point in the state youth policy – the President said.

Also, tasks were defined for the implementation of each of the five initiatives in the districts and cities.

In recent years, the legal framework of the state youth policy has been strengthened, and the Republican interdepartmental Council for youth Affairs has been formed. Organized by the youth Union of Uzbekistan, June 30 was declared youth Day. Currently, the Association has 7 million 690 thousand members.

Also, at the Council were awarded certificates of appreciation and honorary titles.

First of all, the rector of BSMI Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich congratulated on the 60th anniversary of the senior teacher of the Department of “Propedeutics of internal diseases” - Narziev Shamsiddin Sayfullaevich.

Akhmedova Nilufar Sharipovna is the winner of the competition for the title of the best doctor in 2019 in the category “Best researcher of the year”. The Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan also awarded her the badge"excellent health".

Hamdamov Ikhtiyor Ilkhom ugli became the winner of the State scholarships in the name of Islam Karimov in 2019. Scientific supervisor Akhmedova Nilufar Sharipovna.

Alisher Bakhtiyor ugli also won the Ibn Sina State scholarship in 2019. His supervisor Nuraliev N. A.

Inoyatov Azizbek. became the winner of the State grant of name of Ibn Sina in 2019. Its scientific Director is Radzhabov Otabek asrorovich.

Jabborova Feruza, Saidova Lobar, Aslonova Mahliyo were sent on a business trip to improve their skills at the Bundang Hospital of Seoul National University (Seoul, Republic of Korea), a scholar of the “El-Yurt umidi” Foundation.

In accordance with the agreement with Bundang hospital of Seoul National University No. 040-PD-19-UzKor dated September 27, 2019, for professional development, a business trip was carried out to the Bundang Hospital of Seoul National University (Seoul, Republic of Korea).

Terms of training - 2.10.2019-2.12.2019 (288 academic hours).

In conclusion, the rector added that in 2020, everyone will have a huge contribution and work to improve the Institute. I congratulated everyone on the upcoming New year, wishing everyone well-being and prosperity.






































































































































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