In order to develop respect and recognition for the future profession for each freshman was held a "ceremony of presentation to students of medical white coat" by the leadership, scientists and teachers. Rector of the Institute A.Sh. Inoyatov, vice-rector and deans were invited to this solemn event, where they held a «ceremony of presenting students with a medical white coat»

In order to increase students interest in science in the event “Dedication to students” at the Institute were held competitions as (“The most reading student”, “The most active reading group”, “The best author of a scientific article”, “The Best graduate qualification work”, “The best master's work”, “The most active propagandist of spirituality”, “The best student”, the President's fellows and other state scholarships, Olympiads in science and sports and other competitions) was presented information about the winners and how they were awarded by the Institute.

During the period of historical transformations, our Institute became one of the leading international universities. We believe that you - freshmen, your generation, as well as your ancestors will serve as an example of increasing joint achievements.

Your choice - high training, creative and professional approach - these are your achievements. We are confident that your efforts and desire in the future will contribute to your medical activities and the development of Uzbekistan.

During the event, each student, launching beautiful balls into our boundless sky, decided that the new academic year will begin with a bright and easy way, and at the same time, that the classes will be easy and meaningful. We wanted to convey to students the essence, and that the way to what they do not know can be simple and easy.

The words of the rector of the Institute A. Sh. Inoyatov solemnly sounded at the event: «Each of you strives to be unique! I wish each of you: teachers, students and their parents a successful academic year, meaningful and productive time!»

The freshman team proved to be sophisticated, agile, victorious and capable of teamwork. We wish them success in all their endeavors!

At the end of the event, our students prepared dances and sports games.

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