More recently, namely, on December 19, 2019, an event in honor of the upcoming New year celebration was held in BSMI under the leadership of students of the foreign faculty.

Preparation began long before the holidays. In the center of the room was sparkled elegant Christmas tree.

The students came to the performance dressed up, cheerful in anticipation of the holiday. The team of teachers and students of different faculties, who participated in the new year's performance, proved to be good artists, showing all their creative skills, artistry, enthusiasm and organizational skills.

All were able to plunge into the festive atmosphere of the holiday, to participate in interesting competitions. With the advent of Santa Claus began a real holiday with songs and dances.

On this day there were many warm congratulations and wishes.

During the new year's performance there was an atmosphere of celebration, magic, felt positive emotional mood of all those present at the event.


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