On December 28, 2019, the Scientific Council for awarding scientific degrees at the Bukhara state medical Institute was held in the conference hall. It was attended by MD, Professor, rector of BSMI Inoyatov, A. Sh., MD, Narzullaev N.U., Chairman of Scientific seminar under Scientific Council on award of academic degrees MD, Professor Nuralliev N.A. and opponent of dissertation – Sultanov Mehribon Sahmusievich (Tajik state medical University, Professor, Department of prosthodontics, MD.)

Doctor of philosophy (PhD) Yusupov Shokhrukh Shukhratovich gave a dissertation on "Optimization of surgical treatment of injuries of the skuloorbital complex", where he spoke about optimization of diagnostics and improvement of surgical treatment of patients with fractures of the skuloorbital complex, study of clinical features of the system.

The dissertation work was carried out in accordance with the research plan of the Tashkent medical Academy No. 01070069 "Influence of external and internal environment factors on the pathology of the ear, upper respiratory tract, maxillofacial region, development of new methods of their diagnosis and treatment" (2014-2018), as well as in the framework of the innovative project "Development and implementation of 3D software for human face implantation" (2018-2019)

He stressed that every year the cases of injuries of the skuloorbital complex only increase, and most of the percentage is passed to the male part of the population up to 85%. The most common case of injury to the skuloorbital complex is a car accident.

He also conducted comparative analyses before and after operations, and the result was inspiring pride in the work done. Many noted that Yusupov Shokhrukh Shukhratovich is a young, but promising specialist - he has all the positive qualities of a modern young man. He is fluent in English, and has studied and worked in Germany for several years.

In the course of his speech, the Scientific Council asked the dissertant questions that interested them, to which he gave clear, and at the same time detailed answers that everyone was satisfied with.

The Scientific Council also includes: Murtazaev Saidmurodhon Saydialoevich (MD), Safoev Bakodir Barnoevich (MD), Shukurova Umida Abdurasulovna (Tashkent state Institute of dentistry, associate Professor, MD), Ibragimova Feruza Akramova (MD), Habibova Nazira Nasulloevna (PhD), Abdurakhmonov Mamur Mustafaevich (MD), Navruzova Shakar Istamovna (MD), Negmatullaeva Mastura Nurullaeva (D. M. N.), of Suyarov Akram Amirkulovich (MD), Fayzullaeva Nigora Yahyaevna (MD), Suleymonov Suleyman Faizullaevich (PhD).

At the end of this Scientific Council, a vote was held, where everyone present took part.



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