On January 7, 2020, certificates and badges were awarded to students-activists in the great hall of the Bukhara state medical Institute.

The meeting on awarding of certificates was conducted by the rector of Bukhara state medical Institute Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich and Vice rector Nasullaev Ahatjon Askarovich.

The meeting was opened by the rector of the Institute with an introductory and motivating speech inspiring to conquer the heights of medical Sciences and achieve their goals. Students are the leading force. The main task is to encourage, help and guide them on the right path, so that the spark of hope in them does not fade.

Also, in connection with the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Japan, the 3rd conference of rectors of universities of the two countries is being prepared (Tashkent, July 8-9).

Certificates were awarded to 15 students, and 3 of them were awarded badges named after Abu Ali Ibn Sino Bukhara state medical Institute.

During the presentation of certificates, each student said motivational words and words of gratitude.

With the support of the El-Yurt umidi Foundation, internships are held in countries such as Russia and Korea.

Jabborova Feruza, Saidova Lobar, Aslonova Mahliyo were sent on a business trip to improve their skills at the Bundang Hospital of Seoul National University (Seoul, Republic of Korea), a scholar of the “El-Yurt umidi” Foundation.

In accordance with the agreement with Bundang hospital of Seoul National University No. 040-PD-19-UzKor dated September 27, 2019, for professional development, a business trip was carried out to the Bundang Hospital of Seoul National University (Seoul, Republic of Korea).

Hamdamov Ikhtiyor Ilkhom ugli became the winner of the State scholarships in the name of Islam Karimov in 2019. Scientific supervisor Akhmedova Nilufar Sharipovna.

Alisher Bakhtiyor ugli also won the Ibn Sina State scholarship in 2019. His supervisor Nuraliev N. A.

Inoyatov Azizbek. became the winner of the State grant of name of Ibn Sina in 2019. His scientific supervisor is Radzhabov Otabek Asrorovich.

The meeting was held in high spirits. All remained inspired to achieve further goals.

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