On January 9, 2020, an event dedicated to the sensitive and rather serious topic

«I am against violence!»

In the course of reforms in Uzbekistan, special attention is paid to women. Many activities are organized on the role of women in the family and society, and advocacy is carried out to raise them in all aspects.

The women's teaching staff of the Institute organizes a large number of educational activities to improve the lives and activities of women. One such event is «I am against violence!».

The event which held in January 9, was attended by the Chairman of the primary organization of women Kurbonova Gulnoz Negmatovna, an employee of the regional “family center” Akramova Sitora, senior inspector of the police Bukhara Department №3 - Nasibullaeva Madina, women and students of the Institute. Opening the event, the Chairman of the primary organization of women Kurbonova gulnoz Negmatovna told about the role of women in society and about their rights, provided to them, created conditions.

The event featured presentations on the adopted laws on the topic of the event. An employee of the regional "family center" Akramova Sitora expressed her opinion that in families it is necessary to pay attention to all women, especially future family housewives - since the problem of violence is still present.

Nasibullayeva Madina, senior inspector of the police Department No. 3 of the Bukhara police Department, explained the reasons for the violence through explicit facts. The younger generation was given the idea that violence leads to harmful consequences, what precautions should be followed and what should be done in the event of violence.

Videos on the topic were shown at the event. At the end of the event, women and girls of the Institute received answers to their questions.


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