Defenders of the Motherland day is celebrated in Uzbekistan as a symbol of the creation of its own armed forces. The holiday was established on January 14 by the decision of the Supreme Council of the Republic of December 29, 1993.

Since then, parades have been held annually on the main square and the Central stadium of the city of Bukhara, where the national anthem of Uzbekistan is played. Musical groups perform.

Also traditionally held marathons and various cultural and educational events organized by public organizations and government agencies, which also took part in the Bukhara state medical Institute with its students.

At the events held on this day, the young generation of citizens were told about the history of the Republican army, showed military-historical documentaries. Work was carried out aimed at Patriotic education of young people and children.

However, propaganda is not required. Many positive changes are seen by the citizens themselves. They touched upon the social protection of military personnel, benefits for themselves and their families. The level of training has increased, and a significant part of the army is equipped with contractors. Reduced time of emergency service. Much has been done to create reliable guarantees for the security of the population and the protection of borders. Therefore, going out on the squares of cities, residents of the Republic celebrate their own achievements, and not just a designated calendar holiday. This is the day of honor, dignity, courage of men of Uzbekistan. This is a day of pride and freedom, important not only for the military, but also for every citizen of the country.

The Central stadium of the city of Bukhara also hosted a parade of bands, horse cavalry, demonstration of the latest military equipment, performances by representatives of the army and law enforcement agencies that ensure the internal and external security of the state.

Also, on the territory of the stadium were held thematic exhibitions of military weapons, equipment and military equipment. Weapons were fired in honor of the holiday.

Traditionally, on this day, social programs are implemented to help military families.

The celebration was organized and very solemn. Everyone was in a festive mood, and sunny weather pleased everyone.


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