The Azerbaijan-German-Turkish-Uzbek Medical Congress on surgery, oncology, gastroenterology, radiology and gynecology, which began in Baku on May 3 of this year, finished its work on May 7-8 in the city of Bukhara.

     Specialists of the sphere, professors, teachers, scientists and doctors who attended the conference met with the staff of the Bukhara branch of the Republican scientific center of emergency medical care, faculty and students of the Bukhara state medical institute. 

     The guests took an active part and made presentations on modern aspects of minimally invasive surgery, abdominal ultrasonography, confocal endomicroscopy and endocytoscopy, advances in anesthesiology and reanimatology in emergency medicine, endoscopic bariotry, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of acute abdomen. 

     The rector of our institute A.Sh. Inoyatov, who took part direct participation in the Congress, expressed his special gratitude to Professor Gurbankhan Muslumov, Dr. Denis Uyak, Professor Abdurakhmanov Ma’mur Mustafaevich and all other organizers for the high level of organization of the Congress, who assisted in the holding of this Congress. 

     During the Congress Professor Gurbankhan Muslumov was awarded with the badge of Abu Ali ibn Sino and diploma of the Honorary Doctor for his contribution to the development of friendly relations between our countries. 

     The guests also met with students of Bukhara medical college. For the students of the college trainings, simulation exercises were organized. 

     At the end of the conference, guests from Germany, Turkey and Azerbaijan met with the rector of Bukhara state medical institute A. Sh. Inoyatov. 

     As a result of the agreement concluded with the company Panacea 4U Ltd., Germany, represented by the director Wolfgang Wannoff, it was decided to establish and open a center for studying medical German and English languages at the institute. From the new academic year, it is planned to send two employees of the institute for an internship in Germany. In addition, with the participants of the congress an agreement was reached on the free allocation of a new diagnostic equipment – fibrogastroduodenoscopy for the Bukhara branch of the Republican scientific center of emergency medical care. This cooperation will not only enhance the qualification preparedness of our employees and students, but also improve the quality of medical services to the population. 

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