On October 28, a delegation of the Japan Foundation “The Japan Uzbekistan Silk Road Foundation” (JUSRF) led by Masafumi Yasutomi visited the Bukhara State Medical Institute. On October 26, the delegation met with the Governor of Bukhara O. I. Barnoev to discuss international and regional problems. The delegation expressed interest in reforming the medical education system in higher educational institutions, and was invited to the Bukhara State Medical Institute after Abu Ali Ibn Sina.

The rector of the institute, A. Inoyatov, expressed pleasure in seeing guests at the institute and emphasized that Uzbek-Japanese relations were always at a high level. In turn, Mr. Masafumi Yasutomi said that he was happy to be in the homeland of the great encyclopedic scientist Ibn Sina and in an educational institution under his name.

It should be noted that The Japan Uzbekistan Silk Road Foundation (JUSRF) operates in a number of areas, including healthcare. The Health Information Center, which is expected to open in Tashkent, aims to bring Japan’s best practices in the field of medicine and healthcare and introduce high-tech medical care in medical institutions. “Reforms in the medical sphere aimed at improving the health and well-being of the population, as well as the importance of such centers in the process of introducing compulsory health insurance in Uzbekistan,” said Rector A. Inoyatov. Mr. Masafumi Yasutomi, chairman of the Japan-Uzbekistan Foundation, expressed his readiness to cooperate with Uzbekistan in the field of research, information and personnel exchange in relevant fields. The parties also exchanged views on the introduction of joint educational programs, on the sponsorship of medical equipment on the newly built campus of the Bukhara State Medical Institute.


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