The reforms in the medical sphere carried out in our country today are aimed at improving the health care system in accordance with modern requirements, radical renewal of the quality of medical care, its harmonization with the system of medical education, training of comprehensively developed and professional personnel. The medical services provided cover all regions of our country, the widespread use of modern medical methods and technologies that ensure the health of the population, the stimulation of health workers and the education of young people studying in the medical field as the main initiator, innovator of the reforms are the essence of the policy pursued by the respected President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
  As we reported earlier, the first international conference of medical students and youth in Bukhara, scheduled for may 23-25, 2019, began its work on may 23, 2019 at the Palace of youth in Bukhara.
 It's no secret that in recent years our city has become an international platform where opinions, experience and skills are exchanged. After all, Bukhara has the right to hold such events in full with its rich history.
 The conference was organized by Bukhara state medical Institute together with the Association of students of medical universities of Uzbekistan “Phenomenon Uzbekistan”, Bashkir state medical University and higher educational institutions of foreign countries.
 The event was attended by students of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, master's students, residents of clinical residency, professors, teachers, young scientists, doctors-specialists in their field, more than 300 young people.
 Opening the conference, Vice-rector for educational work of Bukhara state medical Institute Gavhar Jarilkasinova noted that the organized conference will attract students to science, awaken the interest of young people to new scientific knowledge that goes beyond the basic educational programs, which, in turn, will provide an exchange of the best scientific research, new innovative ideas, practical experience.
 In turn, G. J. Jarilkasinova warmly congratulated the conference participants, guests, professors,teachers, doctors,scientists and, of course, young scientists on what she sees in the homeland of the sultan of medical science, the great philosopher Abu Ali Ibn Sino, wished them great success in their future activities.
 In addition, Professor-cardiologist from India Ajuha Anand, who also attended the conference as part of the visiting Professor program, "I am happy to share my experience with young people as a cardiologist, but I think that the exchange of diverse parties of students from different countries will lead them to a deeper study of their field, stressing that I really liked the views expressed at this conference."






 During the conference, the awarding ceremony of the national teams of our Institute took place, who took part in international competitions.
 21-22 February 2019. III all-Russian Olympiad on first aid "Save and take care of" in Makhachkala. The team of our Institute "Avicenna" took the 2nd place.
 16-18 April 2019. VI international Olympiad in neurology and XI Russian scientific-practical competition-conference. The team of neurologists of our Institute was awarded an Honorary diploma of II degree.
 April 12, 2019. The winner of the VI International Olympiad in foreign languages "Medicine and Languages: at the crossroads of cultures" among medical and pharmaceutical higher educational institutions in the city of Voronej of the Russian Federation, the 1st year student of the medical pedagogical faculty of our Institute - Tilavov Mukhammadjon Makhmudovich.
 24-27 April 2019. The City Of Volgograd. The winners of the first all-Russian Olympiad in morphology with international participation in the nomination "the Anatomical task."
 24-26 April 2019. Olympiad "VERITAS VOCATIO VICTORIA" in medicine in Nur-Sultan of the Republic of Kazakhstan on obstetrics and gynecology, as well as emergency primary resuscitation. The team of our Institute took the first place and was awarded with eight gold medals. As a result, the team of Bukhara state medical institute took the third place among 29 foreign medical universities.
 May 11-17. 2019. Headed by associate Professor of the Department of anatomy and clinical anatomy of Bukhara state medical institute D. Ya. Hadjiev, the Student team of our Institute participated in the first international student Olympiad in surgery and morphology "Clinical anatomy and operative surgery Almaty – 2019", dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Department №1 and 85th anniversary of the Department of clinical anatomy and operative surgery of the Kazakh National medical University named after S. D. Asfendiyarov. The team of our Institute took the 3rd place at the Olympiad and won a bronze medal.









 After the awards part of the conference "Plenary Session"began. The reports were made by specialists of the sphere. Reports on various industries were heard here.



   The afternoon continued with "Debate Session" and "Poster Session". It was attended by the Professor-cardiologist of Aguja Anand, Vice-rector for academic and educational work of the Institute G.J. Jarilkasinova, Vice-rector for research and innovation N.A. Nuraliev, Professor of the surgical diseases and intensive care unit M.M. Abdurakhmanov, head of the Department of Biophysics and information technologies in medicine, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor S.K. Umarov, head of the Department of medical chemistry, PhD L.N. Niyazov and Deputy regional Director of the company “Elsiever” Dildora Allabergenova Participants of the conference online addressed to our professors with their questions and received answers to their questions.



  After that, in the "Poster Session" young scientists demonstrated their scientific work and innovative ideas. It was attended by Vice-rector for educational work G.J. Jarilkasinova, Vice-rector for research and innovation N.A. Nuraliev Professor of surgical diseases and resuscitation M.M. Abdurakhmanov, head of the Department of medical chemistry, PhD L. N. Niyazov.
  The organization of such international conferences is important for the exchange of experience and new research, conference participants gain knowledge from industry experts on how to conduct further scientific work.




     At the end of the day the conference continued with the festival "Tea Party". It was attended by the faculty of the Department of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology of the Institute headed by D.M. Musaeva, an exhibition of different types of tea, and a lecture was organized on the important features of tea.



           The conference then concluded its first working day. The second day of the conference will continue at Bukhara state medical institute with the division into sections.



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