The first international conference of medical students and youth in Bukhara began its third working day on May 25, 2019 with a tour of the historical sites of the city of Bukhara.
 The festival of silk and spices, which is traditionally held in Bukhara on the same day, once again opened a friendly embrace to the participants of the conference.
 The festival of silk and spices is held in Bukhara on May 25-27 this year. At the festival, Oriental craftsmen demonstrate their unique art in many areas. It includes wood carving, gold embroidery, hand crafts, including carpet weaving, fine arts and more.
 The festival of silk and spices has been traditionally held in Bukhara for many years. It is impossible not to say that this year the festival was eighteen years old. The purpose of this event is to support folk crafts, preservation of the existing cultural heritage with the features and level of artistic skill.
 The festival program is very rich. From many regions of Uzbekistan performances of folklore collectives, national entertaining programs are shown. In addition, master classes are held to learn the basics of folk crafts, as well as to conduct fashion shows of young Uzbek designers. The festival hosts various events on the streets of the historical part of Bukhara in order to create a festive and lively historical environment. As in the Eastern fairy tale, guests of the festival return to the past, thousands of years ago. At the same time caravans with spices and the thinnest silk products from China move to Europe. They stop to rest in picturesque, blooming oases, moving along mountain ranges and inanimate deserts.
 Bukhara state medical institute also makes a significant contribution to the event. Department for spiritual and educational work of the Institute, the teaching staff of the Institute and, of course, active students presented stage performances, as well as dances, entertainment performances and created a great impression on visitors.








The second half of days lasted workouts. They included the following areas. 


First training: student Exchange


Second training: Medical education


Third training: Reproductive health and AIDS


Fourth training: Health and governance

Fifth training: human Rights




   Then the closing ceremony of the First International conference of medical students and youth was held in Bukhara. All students, undergraduates, residents of clinical residency, as well as invited professors and teachers who participated in the conference were awarded with diplomas of the first, second, third degree, certificates for direct participation and memorable gifts. At the end of the conference, representatives of foreign universities expressed their opinion about their impressions and the conference. 


















   The administration of Bukhara state medical Institute expresses its gratitude to the staff of the Association of medical students of higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan "Phenomenon Uzbekistan", who participated in the organization of the first international conference of medical students and youth in Bukhara, students of foreign higher educational institutions, undergraduates and residents of clinical residency, who participated with their reports, practical skills, as well as the leadership of higher educational institutions in which they study, Vice-rector for educational work of Bukhara state medical Institute G. J. Jarilkasinovna, head of the Department of medical chemistry of the Institute, PhD L.N. Niyazov, regional Director of the Elsevier company in Central Asia and Azerbaijan Aliya Ospanova, and also to the rector, Vice-rectors, deans of faculties, heads of departments, heads of departments, teaching staff of Institute, administration of Academic Lyceum of Institute, students of Institute, undergraduates, residents of clinical residency and all other participants !





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