April 4, 2019 in the auditorium of the Bukhara state medical institute was held a training and practical seminar with international participation, organized by the department of Pediatrics of our institute. The seminar was held by senior researcher of the institute of Pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology at the National Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine, associate professor Matvienko Irina Nikolaevna, head of the department of Pulmonology of the Republican specialized scientific and practical medical center of Pediatrics, professor Shamsiev Furkat Muҳiddinovich and head of the department of Pediatrics of Bukhara state medical institute, professor Shakar Istamovna Navruzova.
  Participants of the seminar were more than 250 practitioners: pediatricians, pulmonologists, infectionists, GPS and therapists, as well as assistants of the Department of Pediatrics, masters and clinical residents of our Institute.
   During the training and practical seminar lectures of I.N. Matvienko were listened on “Innovative approaches in the treatment of acute respiratory infections in children”, F.M. Shamsieva on “Problems of recurrent course of acute respiratory diseases in children. Myths and reality” and Sh. I. Navruzova on “Modern aspects of immunomodulatory therapy of obstructive bronchitis in comorbidity”.
   The seminar was conducted using interactive survey methods and feedback from the audience.  The participants of the seminar received detailed information, in scientific and practical aspects, on all the questions that arose. At the end of the training and practical seminar, participants were issued certificates, and an agreement was signed on the conclusion of a Memorandum between the Bukhara state medical Institute and the National Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine in order to continue and strengthen scientific and practical relations.



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