Training and simulation center

Training and simulation center

Soliev Alisher Urokovich

Director of the center

Staff of the department

Gaffarov Abduhalil Muzaffarovich

About the center

In pursuance of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 3171 dated June 20, 2017 “On the organization of comprehensive medical services to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, at the Bukhara State Medical Institute “Abu Ali Ibn Sino”, on September 5, 2022, a “Simulating educational and clinical center” in a new building

BSMI Simulation and Clinical Research Center.

The clinical training center has the following classrooms: Anesthesiology-resuscitation; Surgical; Otorhinolaryngology; Obstetrics and gynecology; Pediatrics and neonatology; Therapy and internal diseases; Ophthalmology; Dentistry. All these classrooms are equipped with appropriate modern simulation models, which allows students to study subjects at the proper level.

In May 2022, the simulation training center was equipped with modern simulators. The departments of obstetrics-gynecology, pediatrics-neonatology, therapy, surgery, anesthesiology-reanimation have been enriched. The center is fully equipped and provided with information and communication technologies.

The center has 7 classrooms, 1 lecture hall, 1 research room, 2 laboratory rooms for students, 15 rooms equipped with wheelchairs for practicing practical skills.

In the simulation training and clinical center, 400 students can simultaneously engage in practical and theoretical classes. In addition, the theoretical knowledge of 50 students can be assessed, and students can directly participate in performing tests in the clinical laboratory.

1st floor

  1. Analysis collection room
  2. Washing room

   3. Laboratory of Immunohistochemistry

  1. Biochemical laboratory
  2. PCR laboratory
  3. Histology training laboratory
  4. Center for assessing theoretical knowledge

2nd floor

  1. Expert room
  2. Debrief room
  3. Laparoscopic skills training room
  4. Chamber
  5. Children’s resuscitation training room
  6. Toilet before surgery
  7. Study surgery room
  8. Intensive care room for shock
  9. Telemedicine room
  10. Emergency care
  11. Training room
  12. Pediatric pulmonary-cardiac resuscitation
  13. Anatomical skills room
  14. Director’s room

3rd floor

  1. Dental skills training room
  2. Debriefing room
  3. Surgical skills training room
  4. Laboratory skills room
  5. Office of maxillofacial surgery and otorhinolaryngology
  6. Trauma room
  7. Procedure room
  8. Audience
  9. Conference room
  10. Staff room

Guests of the simulation center

Vitalis Ritter – KfW, portfolio manager, Nigora Karabaeva – KfW, senior project coordinator, Cornelia Becker – GIZ Health project manager; Aliya Dzhalmagambetova, GIZ project coordinator.

Students in lecture classes

Pulmonary cardiac resuscitation practice

Laboratory training

Practical anatomy classes

 Laboratory activities

Practicing practical skills of students in the histology training and analytical room

Center for assessment of students’ theoretical knowledge

Histology laboratory room of the simulation center

Shock resuscitation training room

Training operating room of the simulation center

Students performing practical skills in the training operating room

Pediatrics room for CPR

Pediatrics room for CPR

Urological and proctological skills training room

The process of learning practical skills of students in the obstetrics and gynecology room

Research defense room

Training laboratory

Dental skills training room

Procedure room

The labor and delivery study room

Simulator for blood pressure measurement, CPR, heart and lung auscultation, pulse detection, pupil response to light