Department history

On August 25, 1993, on the basis of order 15 paragraph 4/78, by the rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, Professor A.I. Muminov organized the Faculty of Dentistry. Associate Professor Yu.Kh. Yunusov was appointed head of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry. In 1994, due to the increase in the number of students at the Faculty of Dentistry, 3 departments were created. The rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, Professor A.I. Muminov, on the basis of order No. 15 of 25.08.1993 No. 4/78, associate professor Yunusov Yu.Kh. was appointed head of the department of therapeutic dentistry. Yu.Kh. Yunusov was one of the first to take an active part in organizing the activities of the Faculty of Dentistry: equipping departments and creating clinical bases for the quality of the educational process. With the ability to conduct a deep and unique analysis of teaching, research and organizational work during his career, Yu.Kh. Yunusov has earned the respect of many. Associate Professor Yu.Kh. Yunusov has published over 70 scientific and professional works. His students made a great contribution to the field of medicine in the Republic of Uzbekistan and other countries.

Medical and scientific-pedagogical activity of the devoted scientist Yu.Kh. Yunusova was deservedly appreciated by our government. Yu.Kh. Yunusov was awarded the “Excellence in Medicine” badge on November 12, 1980 in Tashkent and the “Labor Veteran” badge on November 8, 1988 in Tashkent. Yu.Kh. Yunusov regularly spoke at international conferences of dentists: in Kazakhstan, Bulgaria (1964), Moscow (2000), Leningrad (2000), South Korea (2012). Since 1993, he received several honorary degrees and certificates for active participation in the creation of the dental faculty of the Bukhara Medical Institute and active participation in the development of educational and research work. In 1992, the opening of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Institute was a very significant event.

At the same time, a dedicated dental center was established to meet this requirement. A certain part of the population was attached to this center for treatment. The students of the Faculty of Dentistry were equipped with 20 dental chairs made in Israel in order to develop manual skills. Equipping the dental center of the institute, the supply of dental materials, the introduction of new technologies, in a word, the constant improvement of the educational process was the main merit of Yu.Kh. Yunusov. Currently, the dental center has a special phantom hall, where students can receive patients from start to finish, show the process in detail, directly use existing dental simulators and other devices made of special materials. A preliminary propaedeutic course is conducted for students and after that, students practice practical skills. As a result of the efforts of Yu.Kh. Yunusov in order to carry out medical and preventive work in the field of dentistry at the level of modern requirements in cooperation with the Center of South Korea, lectures, master classes and student exchanges were held in Uzbekistan. There is an award of scholarships, a visit by the leadership of the institute to prestigious universities in Seoul and Busan, South Korea, and the signing of agreements on joint work. In 1993 the assistants of the department were Nurov N., Mirzaev M., Nazarov O., Rakhimov F., Ergashov I., Khodzhanazarov. In 1994, due to the increase in the number of students, the Department of Orthopedics and Surgical Dentistry was separated. The departments are located in the Regional Clinical Dental Clinic, the Dental Center and the Children’s Dental Clinic.