Scientific activity

The scientific work of the department is conducted within the framework of the general theme “Linguistic and pedagogical problems of teaching foreign languages” and has two directions: the study of the actual problems of linguistics and teaching methods and the practical reflection of these results in the practice of writing methodical manuals for classes I, II and III courses. In addition, a separate direction is the scientific direction-the school of prof.K.Shadmanov on the philosophy of language.

The department has a developed system of teaching medical students written and oral scientific style of speech on the basis of professionally oriented texts, the sections of which are devoted to medical terminology, language preparation for clinical practice and the peculiarities of the scientific text, which is an actual approach when teaching in a medical college.


There are 1 textbook, 2 manuals, 2 monographs, 13 manuals, 6 articles in articles in academics of Uzbekistan and 6 articles in foreign journals in the department .