History of the department

The department was founded on the basis of the order of the rector of the institute professor A.I. Muminov in 1990 on November 22, № 71 2/2 §4.

In 1990, the department was named the Department of Biophysics. The department was assigned such subjects as biophysics, mathematics and the basics of computer science. Associate Professor D. Juraev (1991) was appointed the head of the department. Associate professors M. S. Sottikulov, S. F. Shodiyev, S. Hojiyev worked at the department.

In 1994, the head of the department was appointed associate professor S.Kh. Umarov. By this time, the department was already called “Biophysics and Computer Engineering”, and three disciplines were taught – “Therapeutic and Biological Physics”, “Computer Engineering” and “Medical Engineering and New Technologies in Medicine”, and the classes were taught by associate professors M.S. Sottiqulov , S.F. Shodiev, A. Khayitov, assistants J.Dj.Ashurov, B. S. Qurbonov, F. Mustafakulov and U.O. Khodjayev.

From 2001 to 2003, the department was headed by Associate Professor O.U. Sharopov, associate professor S.F. Shodiyev. Ph.D. B.Zh.Safarov, associate professor S.Kh. Umarov, assistants J.Dj. Ashurov, B.S. Qurbonov, M.Bozorov, F. Mustafakulova.

In 2003, associate professor S.F.Shodiyev was appointed head of the department. Doctors in Physics and Mathematics S.Kh. Umarov, associate professor S.F. Shodiev, associate professor O.U. Sharopov, assistants to Zh.D.Ashurov, B.S. Qurbonov, U.O. Khodzhaev, R.R. Hamroyev worked in the department.

From 2005 to 2021, the department was headed by Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor S.Kh. Umarov. At the department during this period, the labor activity was carried out by an associate professor. H.G. Nazhmudinov, M.R. Nazarov, Zh.D. Ashurov, U.O. Khodjayev, R.R. Hamroyev, B.S.Qurbonov, F.R.Murodova, T.R. Ruziyev, F.K. Hallokov, Sh.N. Murodov, Z.M. Narzullaeva, Sh.F. Davronova, R.S. Safarova.

From the 2021-2022 academic year, the department was renamed into “Innovative and information technologies in medicine, biophysics.” The department is headed by Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Physics and Mathematics Zh.D. Ashurov. Currently, the department employs highly qualified teachers: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor S.Kh. Umarov, Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor M.I. Gulamov, Ph.D., associate professor H.G. Nadzhmudinov, Ph.D. associate professor Sh.N.Murodov, senior teacher R.R. Khamroyev, assistants T.R. Ruziyev, Yu.I.Asadova, Sh.F. Davronova, R.S. Safarova, S.A. Temirov, B.B. Nabiev, I.UNamozov.

         Currently, the department “Innovations and information technologies in medicine, biophysics” conducts promising research in the field of condensed matter physics, mathematics, electronic pedagogy. Over the past three years, 2 teachers of the department have successfully defended their dissertations in physical and mathematical sciences and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Including under the guidance of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor S.Kh. Umarov senior lecturer of the department Zh.D. Ashurov defended his thesis on “Tensoresistive properties of TlInSe2 single crystals and solid solutions based on them” at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. And the teacher of the department Sh.N. Murodov had defended his dissertation work on the topic “Time depending dynamics of chains of evolution algebras” in University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, which was supervised by Professors M.Ladra and U.A.Rozikov.

The scientific work of the department is closely related to international scientific and educational centers. The staff of the department is actively involved in the implementation of national and international scientific and technical projects.

The research allows the development of the most modern curriculum for the students of the department. The staff of the department teach students such faculties as “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”, “Medical Prevention, Medical Biology and Traditional Medicine” and teach such subjects as “Information Technologies in Medicine”, “Information Technologies in Education”, “Biophysics”, “Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics”.

Each lecture lesson is conducted using new pedagogical technologies and methods, and each topic is related to the theory of medicine and medical practice, and new information and communication technologies are fully used in the learning process.

In laboratory and practical classes, students independently and under the direct supervision of a teacher test their theoretical knowledge in practice, independently carry out specific work on a topic and get results. In these classes, students mainly apply their theoretical knowledge in medical practice, solving various medical problems using computers. During classes, professors and teachers of the department conduct conversations with students on issues of patriotic, ideological, civil, legal, aesthetic and environmental education.