Spiritual and educational work

Spiritual and educational work

During the academic year, the department conducts spiritual and educational work aimed at the formation and development of an independent worldview based on the synthesis of the great historical heritage of our ancestors and modern thinking; education of true patriots of their homeland; the formation of highly qualified specialists who value such qualities as humanism, kindness, purity and honesty, loving and respectful parents, the older generation.

The priority direction of all activities of the institute, including our department, is the implementation of the five important initiatives put forward by the head of our state to organize social, spiritual and educational work according to the new system.

The process of conducting conversations on spiritual and educational topics

Physical education and sports

Activities carried out by the faculty of the department for foreign students living in the hostel

Painting competition on the theme “Leonardo da Vinci – artist and anatomist”

Section of “Young Anatomists”, organized by the teachers of our department

Activities carried out by the teachers of the department in the makhallas of the city of Bukhara.