Spiritual and educational affairs

Spiritual and educational affairs

Spiritual, educational and moral work of the department was carried out in accordance with the plan approved by the institute. Spirituality classes are held at the department every Thursday. All employees of the department under the leadership of Associate Professor Davronov RD take an active part in the spirituality hour. Every Thursday at 8.30 am, the department gives lectures to students and pays full attention to the questions asked. At the same time, all employees of the department, including associate professor Shokirov B.S. and ass. Azimova S.B. are actively involved.  Inculcating the idea of ​​national independence in the hearts and minds of students: the formation of the spiritual image of future doctors, the development of such qualities as loyalty to the Fatherland and the President, carried out not only outside the classroom, but also at the beginning of each practical and lecture classes 5-10 minutes of ethical educational work. At the same time, special attention was paid to the formation of the spiritual image of future doctors in the process of teaching all disciplines of the department for 2nd and 3rd year students.

According to the state program “Strategy of actions on five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021” at the department this program is fully studied, its content and essence are communicated to employees, students. An action plan for the implementation of the State Program has been developed, posters have been set up.

Each coach conducts interviews with students in his or her group, and provides advice to students who are married, have young children, have recently had a child, are pregnant, or are married to a young student. The student girls were screened and monitored.

Work done in the dormitory: The coaches of the department visited the dormitory according to their plans and got acquainted with the conditions of the students living there. During the visit, ethical and ethical discussions were held among the students in the dormitory. The head of the department, associate professor Davronov, assistants of the department Shokirov BS, Oripova NA, Azimova SB, Khasanov BB regularly visited the dormitory. During their visits, they were interested in the mood of the students and the conditions created for them and gave the necessary recommendations to the dormitory commandant.

Fighting delinquency and crime with students, working with rented students. Each coach regularly visits the student’s living conditions throughout the year. During the visit, the teacher talked to the host about the behavior of the students, not to burn strangers in the house, as well as the constant kindness to the students. The power supply of the houses, the supply of natural gas, the condition of the gas stoves in the kitchen were thoroughly inspected, and reports, protocols, and pictures were submitted to the spiritual department of the institute. The talks focused on drug abuse, religious extremism, bigotry, and AIDS. Students took part in the events organized by the staff of spirituality and enlightenment of the institute.

Employees of the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology during a conversation on “Combating drug addiction, religious extremism, bigotry.”

   Employees of the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology during a conversation with international students on “AIDS” in student hospital.

Employees of the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology at the TTJ with international students from the event “March 8 International Women”.

The following activities are carried out at the department to prevent the emergence of protests and bribery among students: the rating window on the screen, the announcement of grades at the end of classes and registration in the magazine of the mayor, the final control in the halls of the institute to be done.

Setting holiday dates. Great attention was paid to the organization of holiday dates among the students of the stream. In particular, the Independence Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Navruz, Women’s Day, May 9, the Day of Remembrance and Remembrance were celebrated with the students of the group. During these holidays, students were told about the essence and history of each anniversary, the sanctity of independence and its careful preservation.

During the year, special courses were organized with students to study the works of the President, the works were studied, the decisions and decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan were studied, including the decision on measures to further develop the higher education system. studied.

The department is fully equipped with state symbols and appropriate posters.