Faculty history

Faculty history

The faculty of advanced training for doctors was created at the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after. Abu Ali ibn Sino on the basis of the Agreement between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Belarusian State Medical Institute No. 1 dated 05/15/2015, by order of the BGMI No. 224/4 dated 07/03/2015. Its main task was to continue work on retraining and advanced training of doctors. Today, an important area is the additional professional education of practical doctors, which is currently being implemented in the course of educational programs of various durations, taking into account the requirements of the model of continuing medical education.

The goal, objectives and direction of the Faculty of Advanced Training for Doctors is the training, advanced training and professional retraining of medical personnel who are competitive in the context of the rapid development of medical technologies, capable of actively influencing clinical and epidemiological indicators as a result of the knowledge gained, introducing modern technologies into everyday practice.

At the departments of the faculty, doctors are trained in cycles of improvement, primary specialization. Upon completion of the training, it is possible to pass a certification exam with obtaining a specialist certificate.

FUV works in accordance with the educational and production plan, which is approved at a meeting of the Academic Council after agreement with the territorial health authority with subsequent approval by the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan.

 The faculty includes 1 department and 3 courses:

– Department of retraining and advanced training of family doctors

– Course “Emergency ambulance and resuscitation”

     – Course “Obstetrics – Gynecology”

     – Course “Dentistry”