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          In order to provide comprehensive social support to students in Bukhara state medical Institute, the rector of the Institute holds meetings and provides them with assistance in various fields. In particular, on February 6, 2018 at a meeting held by the leadership and the rector of the Institute, where 5 orphaned students of the dental faculty and 3 orphaned students studying at the medical faculty of the Institute were awarded with cash prizes in the amount of 5 times the minimum wage.




     Four students-orphans, students on a paid basis in the Bukhara state medical Institute, namely the students of the 4th course in dental faculty - Masharipov Siroj Madiyorovich, Shermamatov Bobur Kochkor ugli, the student of the 2nd course Hasanov Saidahmad Mahmadali ugli and the student of the 5th course of medical faculty Boltaev Feruz Gayrat ugli were encouraged to the primary organization of the Youth Union of the Institute with the participation of the project “Educational grant of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan” and got a reward in the form of payment for the contract 2018-2019 studying year.

     In addition, 2 students of the medical faculty, studying at the Institute and living in the hostel of the Institute were exempted from payment of the hostel in connection with their appeal due to the difficult family situation - the student of 117 group Safarova Ibodat and the student of 603 group - Ochilov Maruf.

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