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  Muxammadiyeva Nigina Baxodirovna
Features of clinics and signs of biochemical of depressive disorders in patients after myocardial infarction, the problem of therapy  download .pdf

  Hamdamova Mukhayyoxon Tukhtasinovna
Forecasting of the current and outcomes intrauterine contraception disease in the dults  download .pdf

  Jurayeva Dilsora Nuriddinovna
Features of the course of trigeminal neuralgia in women and men  download .pdf

  Sharipova Nilyufar Saidovna
Medical –social aspects of bronchial asthma and ways of its improvement (in example of Bukhara Region)  download .pdf

 Akhrorova Shakhlo Botirovna

Ideopathic neuropathy of the facial nerve in the aspect of sexual dimorphism  download .pdf

 Suvonov Kayim Jachonovich
Integrated assessment of mechanisms of bacterial translocation from The gastrointestinal tract based on experimental study  download .pdf

 Narzullaev Nuriddin Umarovich

 Clinical and immunological features of ENT diseases in HIV-infected children download pdf

 Nurboev Farmon Ergashovich

 Pharmacoepidemiology of hepatoprotectors and pharmacotherapy personification of chronic hepatic diseases download pdf 

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