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"New Day in Medicine" is a scientific-reference and spiritual - educational journal. The journal was organized in 2012 and the first issue of the journal was published in March 2013 as number 1 (1) 2013.

"New Day in Medicine" is published four times a year, there is a scientific-theoretical, scientific-practical, scientific experimental chapter in the journal.

 In 2018, the “New Day in Medicine” journal was included in the list of scientific publications of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and today the journal is expanding cooperation with a number of publishing organizations of foreign countries, including organizations of the Russian Federation.


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Dear authors!

      Manuscripts sent must meet the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for scientific periodicals (dated 10/14/2008) and requirements for reviewed scientific publications for inclusion in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science should be published the degree of doctor of science (from 07.25.2014).

        Sending a manuscript automatically means the consent of the author to the publication of the manuscript and agreement with the rules of publication in the journal "New Day in Medicine".

      The publication reviews all materials submitted to the editorial staff that correspond to the subject of the journal for the purpose of their expert evaluation. Original articles are accepted for publication, corresponding to the subject of the journal, not pviously published in other publications. Descriptions of the results of piloting studies as a separate article are not accepted for consideration; they may constitute only an insignificant (substantial) part of the manuscript.

     Manuscripts of no more than 1 p.p. (40 thousand characters with spaces, including tables, references and all other components of the article.)

       The author of the manuscript guarantees that it does not violate laws on the protection of copyright and other legislative norms, and accepts responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the information contained in the article.

      Involves internal and external reviewers. All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have published publications on the subject of a peer-reviewed article over the past 3 years. Reviewer names are not reported to authors. In controversial cases, the manuscript is sent for additional anonymous review. Articles are approved for publication by the editorial board. Review texts are kept by the publisher for five years.

        The text of the articles of students and graduate students attached recommendation of the supervisor.

       The reviewer / referee indicates the following information about himself: surname, name, patronymic; academic degree, academic title; position; place of work - the full name of the institution without abbreviations; postal code and postal address; phone, e-mail. The signature of the reviewer is sealed in the manner pscribed by law.

       The editors send the authors reviews of the submissions in electronic form.

       The editors reserve the right to shorten and edit manuscripts that do not affect the main content of the article.

       Manuscripts are approved for printing, (1) approved by reviewers and (2) ppared by the authors in full compliance with the requirements of the journal (which do not require literary editing, are correctly executed).

Information about published articles is regularly delivered in the pscribed form to the system of the Uzbek Scientific Citation Index (RISC) and other scientometric and reference-bibliographic databases, Uzbek and international.

If the manuscript is rejected, a reasoned refusal to publish is sent to the author. Non-compliance with the rules of publication of materials may serve as a basis for rejecting a manuscript without a detailed review, with a justification of the refusal.

Manuscripts rejected based on the results of reviewing are not re-considered. Other articles of the authors of such manuscripts are accepted for consideration in the usual manner.

The unconditional reason for rejecting the manuscript with the conclusion "Do not allow the article of this author in the future to review" and the inclusion of the authors in the Stop List of the journal are: (1) violation of scientific citation, or plagiarism, (2) submission of the manuscript, pviously published in another edition . Information about the violation of scientific citation in the form of editorial commentary published on the website of the journal for public.

When a request for a copy of reviews is submitted to the journal’s editorial office to the Ministry of Education and Science of Uzbekistan and to the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission of Uzbekistan, relevant information is sent to the Ministry

Manuscripts are accepted for review by e-mail continuously throughout the year. E-mail of the editors: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The editors get acquainted with the texts of all letters, but do not enter into correspondence on matters not related to a specific publication.

Please read all the manuscripts published in the "Authors" section.

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