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Scientific topics of the institute: Development of new approaches for early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pre-pathological and pathological conditions of the body in the hot climate of the Bukhara region.
Priority areas of research activities at the Institute on the basis of scientific topics:
1. Medical and social problems of health protection of a healthy mother and a healthy child;
2. Development of methods for detecting, treating and preventing infectious diseases, new approaches to the incidence of infectious diseases;
3. Socially significant diseases - development of methods for early diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, psychological, narcological, oncological and venereal diseases;
4. Development of new approaches to modern diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of internal organs;
5. Creation and improvement of existing methods of modern diagnostics of surgical diseases, non-invasive treatment, rehabilitation and effective prevention;
6. Medical and social problems of the prevention of ecology and diseases related to nutrition.

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