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The main guidelines of the Marketing services department

of Bukhara state medical institute

The main tasks of the Department:


- Employment assistance for the graduates of the institute;

- Monitoring of graduates’ labor activity of after graduation from the institute;

- To investigate the current vacancies and future personnel management of medical enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and on the basis of the taken information to form and renew “Human resources portfolio” of the Institute;

- To develop relations between the institute and vacancy formation offices of the employers in the field of training;

- To make arrangements concerning the implementation of contractual obligations for the students enrolled on contract basis.

Measures for providing graduates’ employment:

One of the main tasks of the department – to take assistance in employment of graduates of the institute and monitoring their activities after graduation.

During each academic year, the special event is held on the graduates employment, including:

- The current job placement legislation explanatory work on clarifying the “Regulations regarding the procedure of personnel training on the basis of state grants” is constantly conducted concerning the graduates;

- A database of current graduates is formed for the effective distribution of them, as well as annual investigation is carried out on the number and territorial placement of the graduates. This information is sent to all the main vacancy offices of employers and local administrative offices;

- A survey among graduates is conducted annually considering the wishes of the graduates in regard to their distribution. Based on the results of the survey a list of selected enterprises and organizations is formed, and their current vacancies are studied;

- During each academic year a variety of meetings, presentations and events relating to working conditions, salaries, the order of employment of the graduates are organized and held together with the representatives of companies and organizations.

- The information about graduates is annually advertised in the media and in the Institute’s website for more extensive coverage of vacancy gaps of enterprises and organizations of the Republic in the field of medicine;

- On the basis of applications and the needs of businesses and organizations “Human resources (vacancies) portfolio” is formed in the institute. Dean’s offices and chairs compile and bring to the attention of graduates the portfolios.

In addition, the department constantly study the proposals and exchange opinion to major users of personnel to improve the quality of trained specialists.

The employment of graduates of the institute is of a high rate (about 100%). At this time, graduates of the institute carry out their activities in various fields of medicine.

Marketing Department, together with the deans of faculties hold measures to ensure contractual obligations compliance by students enrolled to the institute a fee basis.

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