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Nurullaeva Olima Amadzhanovna
Head of Department

Year of birth: 03/16/1965
Place of birth: Bukhara city
Specialty: Pharmacist, Biology teacher
Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian and English
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Norova Nigora Sobirzhanovna
Year of birth
: 11.06.1979

Place of birth: Bukhara city
Specialty: Accountant
Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian
Telephone: 0 365 223-40-45 +998 91 311-50-25
Fax: 0 (365) 223-00-50
Reception days: every day 


I. General situation 

The office is an independent structural unit of the Bukhara State Medical Institute.

The Office reports directly to the Rector of the Institute.

A head appointed by order of the Rector heads the office.

In its activities, the office is guided by:

1. Charter of the Institute

2. This Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

II. Structure

The structure and staffing of the office is approved by the Rector on the basis of regulatory documents.

 III. Task

            Ensuring a uniform procedure for the documentation of the institute.

Control over the execution of documents and preparation of documents for transfer to the archive.

Organization of office work at the institute.

IV. Functions

Record keeping at the institute.

Ensuring the timely processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence, its delivery to destination.

Control over the deadlines for the execution of documents and for their correct execution.

Work on the registration, accounting, storage and transfer to the relevant structural units of the documents of the current workflow, including orders and instructions of the management.

Formation of cases and their deposit.

Development of instructions for office work in the enterprise and their implementation.

Search and preparation of guidance and reference materials necessary for the organization of office work.

Methodical management of office work in the departments of the enterprise, control over the proper formation, storage and timely delivery of cases to the archive.

Compilation of reports, certificates, summaries of the results of monitoring the implementation of the hearing at meetings of heads of departments and individual specialists who allow delays in the execution of decisions and instructions.

Development and provision of access to the documentation and use of the information contained in it.

Development and introduction of new technological processes of work with documents, improvement of automated systems and technologies

Development and organization of activities to improve the activities of the office.

Development of measures for the protection of information constituting state, commercial and official secrets.

Performance copying and copying works. 

V. Rights 

1. The Office has the right to:

1.1. To give instructions to the structural units the institute on issues related to the competence of the office and arising from the functions listed in this provision.


1.2. Require and receive from the structural units of the institute the materials necessary for the implementation of the activities of the office.

1.3. Require the provision of reports and information on the execution of documents, instructions and decisions.

1.4. Return documents to the performers and require their completion in case of violation of the rules of office work.

1.5. To make proposals to the management of the enterprise about bringing officials to the material and disciplinary responsibility according to the results of inspections.

1.6. To provide explanations and recommendations on matters within the competence of the office.

2. The Head of the Office is also entitled:

2.1. Sign and endorse documents related to the activities of the office.

2.2. To make proposals to the personnel department and the management of the enterprise on the relocation of office workers, their promotion for successful work, as well as proposals to impose disciplinary sanctions on employees who violate labor discipline.

VI. Relationships (Service Connections) 

For the performance of the functions and the exercise of the rights provided for in these Regulations, the Office interacts with:

1. With all departments of the institute - on issues:

- record keeping;

- organization of control and verification of execution of instructions of the office;

- preparation and submission of documents;

- transmission of incoming correspondence and receiving outgoing;

- receiving and issuing documents to be copied and duplicated. 

VII. A responsibility 

1. Responsibility for the proper and timely performance of the functions provided for in these Regulations shall be borne by the Head of the Office.

2. The head of the office is personally responsible for:

2.1. The organization of the activities of the office to carry out its tasks and functions.

2.2. The organization of operational and high-quality preparation and execution of documents, record keeping in accordance with the current rules and instructions.

2.3. Safety of the documents accepted in work.

2.4. Compliance with the staff of the office of labor and production discipline.

2.5. Ensuring the safety of property located in the office, and compliance with fire safety regulations.

2.6. Selection, placement and activities of the office staff.

2.7. Compliance with current legislation of draft orders, instructions, regulations, resolutions and other documents approved (signed) by them.

3. Responsibility of the office staff is established by their job descriptions.


The history of chancellery





From 1992 to 2015, the production department was headed by

Kostina Tamara Nikolaevna


                       Labor activity: 

- 1953-1956 - laboratory assistant in Kagan cotton factory, Kagan city

- 1956-1957. - laboratory assistant at the Barnaul noodle factory in Barnaul

- 1961 - Transferred to the Kagan District Party Committee (secretary, supernumerary)

- 1961-1963 - In connection with the non-organization transferred to the industrial production party committee as Assistant Secretary of the Party Committee of Kagan city

- 1963-1971 - Approved as the Assistant of the first Secretary of the newly formed District Committee of the Party in Kagan

- 1971-1977 - Approved as the head of the general department of Kagan district committee party of Bukhara city

- 1977-1982 - Approved as the instructor of Bukhara Regional Committee in Bukhara

- 1982 -1991 - Approved as the head of the general department of the Bukhara city committee party

- 1991-1992 - In connection with the non-organization of the structure of the apparatus, she was approved as the head of the general control sector, coordination of production, accounting financial and economic activities of the city committee 

                        Party of Bukhara: 

- 1992 February - Released due to the liquidation of the City Committee of the Bukhara Party

- From 02/07/1992 to 2015 Head of the Chancellery and Head of the Archive of the Bukhara State Medical Institute in Bukhara Presently in retirement period.

                          Government awards: 

- Recorded in the Book of Honor of the Bukhara Regional Committee of the Komsomol 1956

Medals: For Valiant Labor -1970

Diploma of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the UzSSR and the Council of the Minister of the UzSSR 1972

- Certificate of appreciation from the Bukhara Regional Party Committee and the UzSSR Regional Executive Committee -1977

For the veteran of labor - 1983

- Honorary diploma of the Bukhara Regional Party Committee and the UzSSR Regional Executive Committee -1987

- Honorary diploma of the Textile District Council -1996

-Certificate of appreciation from the F. Hodjaev District Council 1997

- Awarded with Diploma of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan 2002

In honor of the 15th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan Medal 2006

-A lot of honorary diplomas from work place 

- Has a personal gift for creative works, from the former President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov, a personal thanks letter from the former President of the Republic, I.Karimov, and 2 letters from the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, for her contribution to the development of culture of Uzbekistan, was noted by former President I.A.Karimov in his personal book “Prezidentga maktublar” (“Letters to President”) 2006. Possesses diplomas and certificates of many festivals »And a participant in many exhibitions, where she repeatedly ranked first and second places.

Fulfilling the wish of the former First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov, his personal interest, and the promise given by T.N. Kostina to create from the native threads a unique, artistically - unusual map of the Sovereign State of Uzbekistan. On August 23, 2018, in honor of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the great national holiday Mustakillik and in memory of the first President Islam Abduganiyevich and in Honor - the election of Shavkat Miramonovich as President of this beautiful country, she presented to the President of Uzbekistan hand-made gift! There is no such thing in the world today

“Uzbekistan is considered to be my second homeland to which I have grown with all my heart and soul, and I am proud of it. I love Uzbekistan,” T. Kostin wrote in her letter to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Her time on a well-deserved retirement.


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