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Reference about done work of the department “Protection of Employment” of Bukhara State Medical Institute of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Khasanova Nozima Khosimovna

Head of department

Date of birth: 09.03.1978

Place of birth: Bukhara city

Specialist: economist-manager

Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian, English

Phone: +998 93 960-57-75

Fax: 0 (365) 223-00-50

Reception days: every day

 About Department of labor protection:

The department of “Protection of Employment” of Bukhara State Medical Institute was organized on the base of the law “Protection of Employment” of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the charter of  organizing training and examining  their knowledge  in the organizations which have been in the possession of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The staff, applied for work, begins their independent activity after taking the instructions about carrying out their work safely and examining their knowledge at the institute.

They are designed instructions for each departments of the Institute. The instruction for employees is divided into periodical and out of line instructions. The work is hold according to the instructions and rules about protection of employment developed by head of the department and the programs confirmed by chief engineer.    

After initial instruction and practical study the employees should know the instructions and rules of safety procedures when they begin their work independently or if they’re transferred to another post.

At the institute the fulfillment of demand for the protection of employment is controlled strictly. The staff is provided with free special protection clothes and shoes for their safety. All personal means of safety given to staff and their storage are under surveillance.

There is room for “Protection of Employment” and it is equipped with al necessaries. Events are conducted in order to prevent accidents occurring during using the medical instruments and devices at the institute. Every week the working conditions, electric system, operating mechanism, heating and lighting equipment are automatically controlled and the protective wires with earth connection are tested by departments and chairs. Professors and employees go through medical examination according to the charter of the Ministry of Health approved with order № 200 in 2016-2017 and in clause № of the Lobar Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Medical examination was organized by professional teachers of the institute. Protection of Employment was organized in the three stages. Every year in April 28 the day of “International Protection of Employment” is hold all around the world. In this specialists and collaborators from the organizations of the town and region are invited and all the events, articles and offers about protection of employment are published in regional journals and newspapers.

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