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Ismoilov Ibodjon Imomjonovich
Head of Department of commercialization of scientific and innovative works
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According to the decision of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on additional measures for the implementation of innovations in economic sectors and sectors”dated May 7, 2018, PP-3698, and according to the order of the rector of the place of Justice № 08-406 on August 13, 2018, the Department for the commercialization of scientific and innovative works was established at

The activity of the Department of commercialization the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education, normative-legal acts and orders of other public administration bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, international agreements in the field of property protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Charter of the Tashkent Financial Institute, orders and orders of the rector, internal, The scientific and innovative work of the Tashkent Financial Institute is carried out in accordance with the regulations”on the division for commercialization " and other normative-legal acts of the Institute.

The main directions of the activity of the commercialization Department are as follows:

• - Systematically analyze the market and the demand for innovative products (projects, works, services), solve issues related to the commercialization of innovative products, study the problems.

• - selection of promising projects with high commercial potential and ready for realization;

* - attracting investors, partners and other interested parties to carry out innovative projects;

• • - to cooperate with industrial enterprises in order to introduce new technologies and innovative products development.

The commercialization department performs the following functions:

• - In accordance with the established procedure to attract professors and teachers of the institute, teaching assistants and production staff, doctorates and students, as well as specialists of organizations carrying out scientific research work providing services financed from budget and non-budget sources to customers by higher educational institutions;

• - to carry out legal protection of property objects of the institute, including preparation, formalization and registration of property abroad and in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

* - intellekt prepares and supervises the execution of contracts with the authors of Real Estate provided for in the current legislation;

• - together with other departments, learns to grant the right of the institute to intellektual property objects, carries out the formalization work on granting the right of the institute to intellektual property objects;

* - intellekt carries out the work of maintaining and maintaining a database on the effectiveness and monitoring of the use of the results of activities, the results of research and the development of higher educational institutions;

• - organizes determination of extremely important and competitive works in the evaluation, analysis and expertise of scientific-technical, scientific-methodical and innovative potential of the results of research activities and innovative projects;

* - intellekt carries out the development of recommendations on the management, recording of property, taqsimlash and granting the right to the results of research activities at all stages of innovative processes;

* - provides support of the scientific community of the institute through the establishment of economic facilities for the purpose of production of competitive scientific and technical products and introduction into practice the results of its activities, including;

• - provides consulting services on technology transfer, preparation of business plans of innovative projects, competitive priorities and risk assessment, legal protection of the results of research activities, potential investors;

* - prepares and controls the implementation of contracts on scientific-research and experimental design, cooperation activities, International Scientific-Technical Cooperation and other issues of property;

• - determines the cases of illegal use of the objects of property of the Institute and proposes to the management to take measures to eliminate the cases of irregularities and to compensate for the damage caused, as well as to take the necessary measures to eliminate these cases of irregularities;

* - participates in the protection of the right to property objects of the institute, as well as in the protection of property and personal non-property rights of authors;

• - provides advice, legal and information assistance to employees of the institute-owners of real estate objects in the implementation of their property and personal non-property rights, including in accordance with the current legislation;

• - organizes training among the staff of the Institute in the field of real estate;

* - coordinates the activities of the Institute's information resource base according to the specialization of its field of normative, methodological and patent information;

* - prepares the proposal for inclusion in the budget project to support the transfer of innovative entrepreneurship and technology in the field of inventive and patent-licensing activities of the Institute;

• • - develops documents on regulatory issues related to the creation, preservation and use of intellektual property objects of the Institute.


1. Zoyirov Adizbek Axmadovich Specialist of the Department of commercialization of scientific and innovative works.

2. Saidova Malika Shodmonovna - Specialist of the Department of commercialization of scientific and innovative works.


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