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                                                                                 Rakhmatov Olim Bobomurodovich

                                                                               Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate

                                                                             Professor of infectious diseases, pidemiology,

                                                                                       skin and venereal diseases

                                                                                        Phone: 8 (365) 223-39-58

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Department of Internal Control and Monitoring of Bukhara State Medical Institute,  implementation of the tasks set out in the National Program of Personnel Training, implementation of standard documents and guidelines in the educational process, as well as timely orders and decisions of the institute to monitor the implementation. The department "Internal Control and Monitoring" was established by the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 29, 2001, № 207, "On Internal Audit and , and the Statute of the Institute of TUIT and the Charter of the Department. The department carries out the monitoring of implementation of the National Program of Personnel Training at the Institute. The department carries out educational, methodological, spiritual, scientific-research, educational discipline, retraining and retraining of personnel, decisions of the pediatric and scientific council, control over the implementation of the orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the regulations in the field of education. The internal control and monitoring department is directly subordinated to the rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute.


Monitoring of execution of laws and decisions of the Institute by the Bukhara State Medical Institute in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan on higher education, the Decree of the Ministry, orders and other documents of the Ministry;

• Organization and carrying out internal inspectorate of the teaching staff of the Institute;

• Monitoring and monitoring compliance with state educational standards and other normative documents that define the requirements for the quality of training and the level of preparation of the trainees;

• Providing practical and methodical assistance to faculties, chairs and other structural subdivisions on introduction of educational standards in the Institute;

• Preparation of analytical materials and recommendations on improvement and improvement of educational process of the institute's management bodies;

• Over see execution of orders on the Institute;

• Providing practical and methodological assistance to the units for elimination of revealed deficiencies based on the analysis of the educational process in the Institute;

• Participation in implementation of the rating methods of teaching staff performance;

• presenting to the board of directors concrete facts on elimination of deficiencies and problems;

• To check compliance with educational standards and educational norms at faculties and departments of the Institute;

• Participation in scientific councils and meetings of the Institute, meetings of faculties and chairs;

• Faculties, chairs and departments of the institute to request the necessary documents for the performance of their official duties and involve experts in the field;

• Examining the course project (syllabi), graduation and master dissertation, carrying out state attestations and theoretical and practical exercises of all types;

• Establish groups with involvement of qualified professors and teachers of the institute in the prescribed manner for the study of their rights within the field;

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