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Rakhimov Zakir Kayumovich

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Faculty Telephone: 8 (365) 223 10 17

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Address:  Navoiy  Street 1st main building, 2nd floor

  Bukhara city,

Uzbekistan  200118






Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Eronov Yakub Kuvatovich

Assistant of the Pediatric Dentistry


Mobile phone number: +998914008667





Deputy Dean for spiritual and educational affairs

Nusratov Umid Golibovich

Assistant to the Department of Orthopedics and Orthodontics


Mobile phone number: +998914031998






Deputy Dean for spiritual affairs

Kurbanova Nodira Isomiddinovna

Assistant professor of Therapeutic

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Mobile phone number: +998936200111





History of dentistry faculty

Establishment of the faculty 

Dental faculty was founded in 1991-1992 by the professor of medical faculty of Bukhara State Medical Institute, Professor Akram Muminov. In 1993, the dental faculty was separated from the faculty and Associate Professor Yu.H.Yunusov was appointed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

 One of the main tasks was to create a clinical base for teaching students and teaching students later. For the abovementioned tasks a working group was recruited (Associate Professor Yu.H. Yunusov, M.Shodiev, T.Sh. Fattakhov) In, by the order of Mirhayot Abdurahmanov the management of the institute and the head of the Bukhara region health department, Bukhara Regional Dental Clinic was opened and Fattakhov was appointed  as the Chief. In 1993 Abdurakhmanov Mirhayot was appointed in the surgical department of the Regional Clinical Hospital of Surgical Dentistry, in the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of the Bukhara Regional Dental Clinic, and the Children's Dental Clinic in Bukhara by the head of Regional Health Department and Professor A.I. Muminov. One regional dental clinic has 1-2 dental equipment and the department is equipped with the required instruments. In 1996 the old kindergarten in "Sharq-1" was renovated as part of the practice of several branches of dental faculty. In 1997, the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry was attached to this building and professor S.S. Agzamkhodjaev was appointed as head of the department.

Currently, students from all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other countries are studying at the faculty. The term of study at the faculty is 5 years.


The faculty consists of the following departments:

1. Orthopedic Dentistry

2. Therapeutic dentistry

3. Surgical facial surgery

4. Pediatric Dentistry

5. Medical Chemistry

6. Pharmacology and clinical pharmacology

7. Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine

8. Propaedeutics of internal diseases


The total number of students is 575

Including : 428 boys and 131 girls

90 on contract basis

Budget -469

541 citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Foreign students - 34

Russia 2

Tajikistan - 3

Turkmenistan 29






History of the Faculty of Medicine

№ Years                                  Teachers working as dean of the faculty

1. 1993-2004                          YunusovY.Kh.

2. 2004                                  Idiev G.E.

3. 2004-2009                        Nurov U.I.

4. 2010Inoyatov A.SH.

5. 2010-2012Teshaev SH.J.

6. 2012-2014Inoyatov A.SH.

7. 2014-2015 Bukhara branch of Tashkent State Dental Institute

 Dean of the stomatology faculty Inoyatov A.SH.

8. 2015-2016 Bukhara branch of Tashkent State Dental Institute

Dean of dental faculty Rajabov O.A.

9. 2016-2017Inoyatov A.SH.

10. 2017-2018Idiev G '. E.

11. 2018Rajabov O.A.

12. 2019Khabibova N.N.

13. 2020 Rakhimov Z.Q.

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