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Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino which has made a great contribution to the spiritual and educational development of ancient and ever young Bukhoro-i-sharif, is 29 years old. Of course, those who have laid the foundations of this institute and have thought about its future and wanted to make it worldwide, are respected and esteemed today. It is both debt and duty for us to search deeply into their activities and teach the youth to follow them.

Bukhara State Medical Institute which is contributing much to the spiritual and educational life of ancient and ever young Bukhoro-i-Sharif was established on September 6, 1990, according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, № 307.

According to the decision of the Presidium of the Bukhara Regional Council of People's Deputies, in March 1991, this institute was given the esteemed name of Abu Ali ibn Sino, the brightest and genius star of the domain of Medicine, our great grandfather and compatriot.

At that period academician Sh.I. Karimov, who worked as Minister of Health of Uzbekistan, the governor of Bukhara region in1989-1993 Yodgorov D.S. made a lot of effort to provide the institute's staff with specialists of high quality and organizational skills, finding out and renting the best buildings available at the regional center.

The former Deputy Health Minister, professor Sh. Hamrayev, the rector of the first Tashkent Medical Institute academician T.A. Daminov, the rector of the second Tashkent Medical Institute professor X. Y. Karimov and prorectors K.N. Najmiddinov, P.I. Tashkhodjayev, academician U.A. Aripov and many others took an active part in providing the institute with professors and teachers, necessary educational equipment and literature, methodological manuals and textbooks.

Special attention was paid to the issues dealt with strengthening the material-technical base of the institute, the widening and perfecting its staff.

The then head of the Health Department of the Bukhara Region administration A.B. Yorqulov and his deputy M.M. Abdurahmanov and other competent authorities had responded much to the urgent task of improving and perfecting of the institute’s activity.

Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor Akram Ibragimovich Muminov was appointed as the first rector of the newly established Higher Education institution - Bukhara State Medical Institute based on the Order No. 1052 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on October 11, 1990

As a matter of fact, professor Al Muminov began his career in 1960 as a treating physician at the Republican Clinical Hospital in Samarkand, then he also worked as a lecturer, assistant-professor at the Department of Ear and Nose Diseases of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, later on, in the Tashkent state Medical Institute he headed the department by specialization, worked as dean of the medical faculty, deputy rector for academic affairs. He demonstrated his skillful ability to lead the new and innovating ways of managing himself as a leader of the establishment.

A.I. Muminov, during his 5-6 years of fruitful work, successfully implemented the new concept of Bukhara State Medical Institute to successfully introduce new, innovative, educational and training programs in education, in forming of such departments as general and biorganic chemistry, medical and biological physics, medical biology and heredity, languages, normal anatomy, operative surgery and topographic anatomy, biological chemistry and others.

Complex tasks such as the establishment of a new institute, providing faculties with teaching staff and training equipment, repairing buildings for management and teaching, are the contribution of that time noble man due his great life and work experience done. On August 31, 1991, the institute's opening ceremony was held. Representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, heads of regional and public authorities, students and parents took part in it.



Opening Ceremony of the Institute



Members of the Republican Working Group on forming of the

 Bukhara State Medical Institute


In1990 photo: Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shakhob Shamsievich Hamroyev, Khokim of Bukhara Region Samiiddin Kosimovich Husenov, Head of the Provincial Directorate for Health Protection Abdurahmanov Mamur Mustafoevich, assistant-professor Muazzamov Bakhodir and others.

On August 31, 1991, the institute's opening ceremony was held. Representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, heads of regional authorities, public, students and their parents took part in it.




 A sketch from taking the oath ceremony as the first students of the institute


 This day is an unforgettable historic day in the memory of the first students and other participants of the university.

In 1991 therapeutic faculty started functioning at the Institute; Dentistry faculty started functioning in 1992-1993.The initiative of the managers was of great importance in the widespread organization of the educational institution.

Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic Affairs X.S. Gaffarov, pro-rector on academic affairs Sh.T. Salimov, vice-rector on economy and capital construction U.A. Asadov, vice-rector on treatment B.K. Rasulov, head of human resources department F.E. Rahimov, Chief Accountant M.X. Shamsiev were active in creatively organizational work of the institute.

According to the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, № 358-dated 19.09.1990, Preparation Department at the Institute was established, and associate professor M. Sottikulov was appointed as a dean. In a short time, the preparatory department was ready for the training and 200 listeners from Bukhara, Kashkadarya, Khorezm, Surkhandarya and other regions were selected on a competitive basis.

The educational process in the department was exemplary. Teachers had published a number of manuals on physics, chemistry and mathematics. At the same time the preparatory department helped activate the organizational work of the educational institution. At the same time, a three-year lyceum was established in Jondor district in the medical-biological direction as a foundation for the training of qualified doctors. The educational and training work was carried out on the basis of the programs created by the institute teaching staff. In September 1992-1993 academic year, the number of chairs was 24.

During the first years of the institute there were established the following departments headed by leading professor-teachers.

The head of the department "General and biorganic chemistry", docent M.M.Amonov,

The head of the department "Medical biology and heredity" Professor T.Boymurodov,

The head of the department "Medical and biological physics" D. Dzhuraev

Head of the department "Biological chemistry", doctor of biological sciences N.A.Rahmatov

Associate professors Y.H. Hamroyev, headed the «Languages» department N.Naimov

Head of the department "Normal anatomy", associate-professors K. R. Ochilov

The head of the department "General Surgery" was Doctor of Medical Sciences B. Bobojonov

Head of the department "Microbiology and immunology" was doctor of biological sciences M.K. Kamolov

The head of the department "General Hygiene", docent O.H. Hasanov

Head of "Histology" department, docent R.D. Davronov

The head of the department "Normal Physiology", docent O.B. Boltaev

The head of the department "Obstetrics and Gynecology", associate professor M.X. Akhmedov

The head of the department of propaedeutics "Internal diseases", docent I.U. Orokov

The head of the department "Health Care", docent R. Koltaboev,

The head of the department "Pharmacology", docent T.K. Karimov,

Head of the Department of Philosophy, Ph.D. X.H. Mahmudov,

The head of the department "Physical training", docent H.N. Rajabov and others have justified themselves as the founders of the institute.

In 1995-1996, the rector of the Institute temporarily was Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Omirov Rauf Yuldoshevich, who made a worthwhile contribution to the improvement of educational and educational work at the university.

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1996, rector of the institute was proclaimed vice-rector of scientific work and head of the faculty "Hospital surgery” Rahmat Mahmudovich Akhmedov was rector, and he headed the institute for 1996-2012,i.e. 16 years.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Askarov Tokhir Askarovich was appointed as the rector of the institute on July 6, 2012 and headed by March 2017. Since June 2017 Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Amrillo Shodiyevich Inoyatov was appointed as a rector. Today, A.Sh. Inoyatov as the head of the institute is creating on the following priority directions:

Looking at the way of formation and development of the institute, in 1991 only one direction, that is treatment one was taught at the given higher education institution, then it was possible to prepare highly qualified specialists in 4 directions of medical education, Dentistry - in 1992, Higher nursing care - in 1999, and since 2001 - Department of Medical and Pedagogical Work. Faculty of pediatrics started functioning in 2017, and in 2018 - medical and preventive medicine faculty. There are currently 7 bachelors and 11 masters and more than 40 clinical residency professions are trained at the institute.

It is both debt and fard for us to learn the fate and history of those who have laid the foundation of the institute, thinking about its future and making it famous all over the world. We need to use lessons learned from the teachings of our teachers who linked their lives to this scientific and spiritual growth, and we are to use them in the upbringing of the younger generation.

The Medical Institute has done a great deal of work for over a quarter of a century; it trains qualified personnel in the healthcare system of the Republic.

Within the historically brief period there were prepared more than 8500 doctors, 5448 of which are medical, 2510 - in dentistry, 507 in medical pedagogics domain, and 322 highly qualified nurses. At the moment, 184 of these graduates work in the leading scientific centers and clinics of foreign countries.

8 of them are doctors of sciences, 71 - candidates of science, more than 30 of them are in senior positions at the republican scientific centers, more than 270 former students work at the regional and district health institutions as chief physicians and department heads.

The Institute has been one of the first in our country, in 2004, to establish a "Distance Learning Center". With the help of this system, Gulistan State University held video-conferences, tele-discussions with Tashkent universities.

Thanks to the independence, today, the experience and value of Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sino is being raised not only in our country, but also internationally; it is, no doubt, a pleasure to see and hear about the success of our specialists in the field of science and education, and at the same time it is natural that everyone inspires and feels wholeheartedly satisfaction from the very fact.

During the years of independence, looking at the historical heritage and traditions from the point of view of universal values has been shaped as an ethic-aesthetic principle that can be considered as the direct result of the creation of this book. The fact that the higher education institutions as a science and enlightenment sources serve the basis of focusing on the history of their formation, make the younger generation more interested in science and education.

An in-depth analysis of the current activity of Bukhara State Medical Institute which is the peer of our state independence will definitely determine its perspective plans for the future.

Looking back on history, deep understanding of the roots of historical renewal of the independence, deep study of the traditions of the heroic and creative, cognitive ancestors’ activity, the role and significance of higher education institutions in the widespread reforms in the country, all these open the way for the younger generation.

Bukhara State Medical Institute, which has been contributing to the cultural and educational-spiritual development of our people for many years, has its great place not only in the socio-economic and cultural life of the Bukhara oasis, but also in the republics social-economic and cultural-spiritual sphere as well.


The following people have headed the institute:



Akram Ibragimovich Muminov


during 1990-1996


 Rahmat Mahmudovich Axmedov


during 1996-2012


 Toxir Askarovich Askarov


during 2012-2017


 Amrillo Shodiyevich Inoyatov


starting from 2017 up to the present time

Here is a brief guide to the Abu Ali ibn Sino Bukhara State Medical Institute



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