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Shukhrat Jumayevich Teshaev

   Shukhrat Jumayevich Teshaev, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, conducts his research and work at the Bukhara state medical Institute since 1993.
Sh.J.Teshaev received the title of associate professor in 2003 and the title of professor in 2015.
   He studied in Tver in 1996 and 2010, in 2005 in Kusadasi in Turkey, in 2012 in Kazan, in 2014 in Urumchi in China, in 2014 in 2015 in Sochi in Russia, in 2016 in St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, in 2018 participated in seminars with lectures and training seminars held under the ERASMUS+IHOD grant program on the topic "Technology of teaching
   chronic diseases in master's degree". He was awarded with the 1st place at the international XIV Congress of morphologists, held in Astrakhan, Russia.
   In 2019, Shanghai Fudan University in China hosted an international conference on "Compatibility of traditional medicine with modern medicine" and discussed the opening of a joint faculty of "traditional medicine" with Fudan University.
   In 2020, the opening of a joint venture "Avicenna Medi" together with “Polispan” venture in Naberejnie Chelny of the Russian Federation and Bukhara State Medical Institute.
   He participated in discussions with Kazan Federal University of the Russian Federation about opening a joint bachelor's degree program in biochemistry (doctor-biochemist, doctor-genetic) and is a co-founder of these joint programs and joint ventures.
   Sh.Teshaev is participant of training seminars on "New educational innovative technologies in medicine", held in Moscow in 2017 and 2018, as well as VI and VII sessions of the society for simulation training in medicine of Russia. He is also one of the founders of "medical training and simulation centers" in Uzbekistan.
   On this day Sh.J.Teshaev has published 3 textbooks (2 of them are joint textbooks, 4 in collaboration with the The Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry), 6 textbooks (1 of them is a joint smart textbook in collaboration with the Pavel Yazef Shafarik University in Kosice, Slovakia, registered in the European medical library), 2 electronic textbooks, 3 monographs, 22 manuals, 15 patents for exhibition programs and more than 160 scientific works.
   In 2009, Sh.J.Teshaev was accepted as a member of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences, in 2016 - to the Coordinating Council of the International Association of morphologists.
   He is the editor of Tinbo magazine, which was released in collaboration with South Korea.
   Under the direction of Sh.J.Teshaev up to date, 2 candidates of medical sciences, 4 doctors of philosophy (PhD), 1 doctor of science (DSc) have received scientific degrees.
 Nowadays he is leading the scientific work of 7 researchers (5 candidates of science, 2 doctors of science).

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