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            One of the main objectives of the National staff training program is to provide specialists with theoretical and practical knowledge that will be able to work independently in the chosen field, to improve their knowledge and skills, to take a positive approach to the problem, to analyze problem situations and quickly adapt to the conditions. as defined.

            As you know, in today's rapidly expanding range of information and knowledge, it is difficult to convey all information to students during class.

Experiments show that a student can learn deeply only if he is self-employed and constantly working on himself. Students acquire basic knowledge, skills and abilities in the process of self-study, develop the ability to function independently and show interest in creative work.

            Thus, the planning, organization and creation of all necessary conditions for the independent study of students, as well as their training in the classroom, providing them with learning skills, self-management and the provision of independent scholarships is one of the main tasks of the faculty. ,

Each Professor must first teach the student the ability to develop confidence in their abilities and mental abilities, be patient and gradually acquire self-study. It is important to increase the initiative and role of students, taking into account the fact that knowledge and skills acquired independently of students are complex and expand compared to the course. Then the student, who began to become independent, learns not only to perform the tasks set by the teacher, but also to choose additional knowledge that he considers necessary, depending on his needs, interests and abilities.

            Independent work of a student (SRS) - is a systematic activity aimed at mastering by a student of a certain part of the knowledge, skills and abilities defined in the curriculum on a specific subject, based on the recommendations and recommendations of the subject teacher outside the classroom and the audience.

            When determining the form and volume of independent work of students, the following aspects should be taken into account:

- stage of training;

- the specifics of a particular science and the degree of difficulty of assimilation;

- level of theoretical and practical training (basic knowledge);

- level of provision of science with sources of information;

- the level of the student's ability to work with information sources.

          The form and volume of tasks for independent work, the degree of difficulty should change and increase in accordance with the formation of skills from semester to semester. That is, it is necessary to gradually increase the level of motivation of students to perform tasks, teaching them a systematic and creative approach to the tasks.

          In the organization of the SRS, taking into account the level and ability of academic assimilation of the student can perform the following forms:

* determination of specific subjects of dissertations using the educational literature, working with educational sources;

* preparation for practical, seminar and laboratory classes;

* preparation of abstracts on a specific topic;

* perform vychislitelnykh and graphic works;

* work on the layout, model and artwork;

* finding solutions to problems in practice, preparation of tests, discussion questions and tasks;

* preparation of scientific articles, abstracts and reports;

* solving non-standard situational problems of practical content and creative work;

* clinic duty, medical records, homework, etc.

          Depending on the nature of the subject, students may be given other forms of assignments for independent work. What types of tasks should be given to students are determined by the Department. Tasks carefully designed and focused on a goal and must serve to strengthen, deepen, broaden and content knowledge of students on auditing training.

          Independent development of the subject. The peculiarity of the subject is that depending on the level of knowledge and abilities of students, certain subjects included in the working curriculum are transferred to students for self-development. It should pay attention to the issues that serve to Express and disclose the main content of the topic, specify the main literature and sources of information.

          In the process of performing the task, students independently, using educational literature, outline this topic, with an understanding of the basic phrases, prepare answers to questions related to the subject. If necessary (it is difficult to master, questions arise, there is no literature, systematic presentation of the subject, etc.) to the decision of the government) receive advice from the teacher. The text prepared by the self-mastered subject, protected by the Department.

Preparation of the abstract. The student is given an abstract on the subject, the degree of complexity of which corresponds to his individual abilities, skills and level of knowledge. In addition to the basic literature, the student receives additional literature (monographs, scientific, methodological articles, data from the Internet, electronic library materials, etc.).to the resolution of the government) collects materials, analyzes, systematizes and tries to give full, broad information on the topic at the highest possible level. If necessary, receives advice and recommendations from the teacher.

            The completed abstract will be protected at the Department with the participation of experts.

            Preparation of visual AIDS. Visual materials (tables, drawings, drawings, maps, layouts, models, graphics, samples, phantoms, etc.) that will help the student to describe and better master a particular topic.to the resolution of the government) preparation surrenders. The subject decided by the teacher and the student give specific directions, instructions. The number, form and content of visual AIDS are chosen by the student independently. This task can also be assigned to several students on the same topic.

            The student prepares written recommendations on the use of visual materials and protects them at the Department.

            Preparation of tests on the subject, controversial issues, situational tasks and tasks. The student will have to pass tests on a specific subject, situational tasks and tasks with varying degrees of complexity, to make questions that will be the basis for discussion.

            In this case, the teacher is given a guide to the requirements for the test, and the rules of its preparation, what is the purpose, how to distinguish the controversial points of the subject in the preparation of problematic issues, methods of writing tasks. During the consultations, the degree of compliance of the work performed with the specified tasks and requirements is monitored (refinement, clarification or filling can be offered).

            The complex of tests, questions, situational tasks and tasks is protected at the Department with the participation of experts.

Preparation of visual AIDS. Prepare visual materials (tables, figures, drawings, maps, layouts, models, graphs, scientific articles, abstracts and articles) that will help the student to describe and better master a particular topic. A student may be instructed to prepare articles, abstracts or lectures on any topic (the subject may be chosen by the student) of a scientific (abstract) nature. At the same time, the student collects, analyzes, distributes and regulates the needs for educational literature, research works, dissertations, articles and monographs, as well as other sources of information on the topic, makes additions, comments on the basis of personal experience and knowledge, scientific results, presents and justifies his point of view. At the same time, the student works in cooperation with the teacher.     

Prepared article, thesis or lecture will be protected in the chair.

            Solving non-standard problems of practical content and creative work. Non-standard, requiring a separate approach to the subject or section, practical tasks with theoretical practice, requiring a creative approach, tasks can be set to create scientific and creative tasks, models, models, samples. Practical tasks should be aimed at finding and finding the best solutions to the problem.

            Depending on the interest and abilities of the student can give him a job of a scientific nature, together with the teacher to prepare and publish scientific articles.

To be on duty in the clinic and write a medical history. The student will be on duty at night in the clinic with the doctor on duty. During the duty, patients receive assistance in the reception, during the examination of patients, in emergency conditions, with surgical interventions, etc.by the decree of the government, they participate in the asset and replenish daily the work done.

            The fan protects the chair by recording a medical history for one or two patients during the transition semester (cycle).When writing a medical history, the order is taken into account, based on the characteristics of clinical science.

            When protecting the history of the disease, the main attention is paid to the full coverage of the analysis, analysis of clinical and laboratory studies, substantiation of the final diagnosis, correct preparation and justification of the treatment plan, etc.

Effective organization of independent work of students:

* system approach;

* coordination and coordination of all phases;

* strict control over implementation;

* organizational and monitoring mechanisms need to be improved.

To successfully complete self-service work orders, you must meet the following requirements:

* objective (consolidation of knowledge, development of new knowledge, increase of creative activity, formation of practical skills, etc.) to the decision of the government) a clear rationale;

* clear definition of tasks and assignments;

* adequate information of students about algorithms and methods of performing tasks;

* the correct definition of counselling and other assistance (vouchers and instructions explanation of the content and nature of the topic, understanding of the ways of implementation of problem-solving tasks, collaborative solutions to some problematic issues, etc.).to the government resolution);

* clear definition of reporting format and evaluation criteria;

* precise definition of time, form and types of control (time specially allotted for the workshop, laboratory classes, consultations or control; text of lecture or abstract, notebook of completed tasks, Control work, home notebook, test, article, non-standard tasks, questions, articles, visual AIDS and creative work; question-answer, explanation of the essence and content of the work performed, statement in writing, etc.to the government decree).

Independent work of students can be divided into two:

            IWS performed in the audience.Tasks for the processing, expansion and strengthening of the mentioned topics will be done;

            Tmilari performed outside the audience. Independent development of individual subjects of the curriculum, the implementation of the tasks assigned to the house, preparation for practical and laboratory work, creative and research nature, etc. to the decision of the government

            In order to check the level of theoretical and practical knowledge of students, the level of preparation for practical training (practical classes, laboratory, seminar classes) and the quality of homework, as a rule, tests, questions and answers, conversations, discussions, practical tasks, etc.are carried out. to the government decree, the methods are mainly controlled in practical classes (current control).          The current control takes into account the activity, level of performance and the degree of assimilation of the student material passed during the lesson, as well as homework.

            The second round of work is carried out in the form of independent search, analysis, abstraction (or abstraction) and development, implementation of practical tasks that require creativity, information and information on the subject, the development of which is scheduled outside the classroom in the working curriculum of the discipline. The process of performing this kind of work and monitoring the quality of assimilation is carried out after hours, in specially designated hours of consultation.

            Evaluation of independent work of students. The results of the SRS will be evaluated in accordance with the current “ Regulation on the rating system of monitoring and evaluation of students ' knowledge”.

Evaluation criterion

1.General provisions on practical training evaluation is carried out on the basis of evaluation criteria developed by the Department for each topic. Each training session is evaluated in a 100-point system (86-100 excellent, 71-85 good, 55-70 satisfactory). The mean value is calculated and multiplied by a coefficient of 0.45.

2. Others, depending on the volume and quality of independent work of students is estimated by a 100-point system, the average cost is found and multiplied by 0.05 coefficient.

3. Other Final evaluations are conducted in two phases:

1. General provisions of OTCS-practical skills are evaluated on a 100-point system and multiplied by a factor of 0.25.

2. Other Tests are conducted in the testing center, 50 questions are estimated at 100 points and multiplied by 0.25 coefficient.

4.others are Added to the points scored by the student from each type of control, and the overall score and mastery is assessed.

TO 0,45 + SRS 0,05 + OO 0,5=OS



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