Umumiy ma’lumot

Umumiy ma’lumot

Bukhara State Medical Institute was founded in October 1990. In March 1991, by the decision of the Presidium of the Bukhara Regional Council of People’s Deputies, he was named “Abu Ali ibn Sino”. The Faculty of Medicine was established in 1991, the Faculty of Dentistry in 1992, the Department of Highly Qualified Nurses in 1999, the Department of Medical Pedagogy in 2001, and the Department of Pediatrics in 2016. As of 2018, 2 new directions have been established in the field of medical prevention and medical biology.
At present, the institute has 4 faculties, 53 departments, including bachelor’s degree in 9 areas, master’s degree in 30 specialties and clinical residency in more than 36 specialties and 20 joint double degree programs in all 3 levels of education. A total of more than 9180 students and residents are enrolled in the programs. The institute has a total of 648 professors and teachers, including 97 doctors of sciences and professors, 253 candidates of sciences (PhD) and associate professors, 100 senior teachers and assistants. The institute currently offers classes in Uzbek, Russian, English and Turkish. The institute trains highly educated personnel in the new edition of the Law “On Education” in the following 9 areas and 1 international program:

General medicine – 6 years;

Medical-pedagogical work – 6 years;

Pediatrics – 6 years;

Dentistry – 5 years;

Medical prevention work – 5 years;

Medical Biology Work – 4 years;

Higher Nursing – 3 years;

Traditional medicine work – 4 years;

MBBS – 5 years (5+1 internship);

Pharmacy – 5 years.