Bukhara State Medical Institute announces the start of admission of foreign citizens for the 2022/2023 academic year. Foreign applicants can enter the following areas of training (programs):

The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1991, the Faculty of Dentistry in 1992, the Department of The Highest Qualification of Nurses in 1999, the Department of Medical Pedagogy in 2001 and the Department of Pediatrics in 2016. As of 2018, 2 new directions in the field of medical prevention and medical biology were created. Currently, the institute has 8 faculties, 41 departments, including a bachelor’s degree in 8 areas, a master’s degree in 23 specialties and a clinical residency in more than 40 specialties and 20 joint programs. In total, the school has more than 4700 students and residents. lim programs. In total, the institute employs 400 professors and teachers, including 20 doctors of science, 10 professors, 107 candidates of science and associate professors, 100 senior teachers and assistants.

BSMI Graduates

Procedure Adopted

To participate in the interview, you must provide the following documents:

  • the submitted application form indicating the training program, etc.
  • contact information with home address, e-mail and contact phone numbers;
  • the original and a copy of the certificate / diploma indicating the subjects studied and the grades (points) received
  • national and foreign passport with copies (if you have a residence permit, you must also provide a copy);
  • 6 photographs measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm

Foreign nationals are admitted to BSMI through a selection process that includes an interview with an authorized BSMI partner and academic advisor in their field of study in biology, chemistry, physics and English language instruction. As well as academic performance on the exam 10+2 and exam 10 -it Class. The minimum percentage to enter this program is 65% .

Academic Programs

No.Name of study areaDurationLanguage of instruction
1.MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)5 yearsMore English
2.General Medicine (MD Program)6 yearsIn Russian or English
3.Pediatric work6 yearsIn Russian or English
4.Vocational education (medical pedagogy)6 yearsIn Russian or English
5.Biomedical work4 yearsIn Russian or English
6.Preventive Medicine5 yearsIn Russian or English
7.Stomatology5 yearsIn Russian or English
8.Higher Nursing3 yearsIn Russian or English
9.Traditional Medicine6 yearsIn Russian or English
10.Bachelor of Dentistry Surgery4 yearsIn English (admission begins October 2022)

For admission to the aforementioned programs, foreign students should contact the International Department of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino. E-mail: Bukhara State Medical Institute has authorized partners:
1) Peoplehive LLC: Mr. Pavan Abraham , Chairman +1 734-837-7227; E-mail:; Mr. Parmod Joshi, Director, +91-9990242548, Email:, Ms. Nigora, +998-906130061; E-mail:;
2) NEO company: Director Dr. B.Divya Raj Reddy +919701809999
3) “Adam and Ahmad marketing consulting” company: Dr. Ahmad A. Daodieh +998996520599, +77029393939, +79999180000,

EMA Consultancy : Director Dr.Sartaj khan

To Whom So Ever It May Concern

It has come to our attention that an article published in Financial Express and Skill on October 17, 2022, and October 18, 2022, IS FALSE AND FAKE INFORMATION. The source of information is Ms Angela Merkova, who claims to be an authorized person working in the international department at Bukhara State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan but she is not an authorized representative and does not have official powers to represent Bukhara State Media Institute in international affairs.

We declare that all of the claims and information in the aforementioned articles are completely false and will mislead students and their parents, causing mistrust and chaos, with the malicious intent of destroying the reputation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Bukhara State Medical Institute, and its reliable partner Neo Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology Ltd, India.

In response to the Indian government’s request, Ministry of Health of Republic of Uzbekistan has given acceptance to help more than 2000 war-torn Indian students from Ukraine to continue their education in Uzbekistan without losing a valuable academic year by providing quality education, hostel, registration, and other services at affordable prices. So, on the recommendation of Uzbekistan’s Health Ministry with the approval of embassies and foreign affairs, Dr.Divya Raj Reddy, who represents Medical Higher Educational Institutions of Health Ministry, visited our institute and saw our new campus, classrooms, labs, advanced simulation centers, hospitals, dormitories, and so on, and evaluated the curriculum and education systems of Ukraine and Uzbekistan, which share more similarities, and she also provided extra inputs for quality education, stay with Indian food, etc with prompt services and she further described about the Indian Screening Test Regulations 2002, FMGL regulations 2021 of NMC norms to be followed for relocation on transfers and academic mobility with the support of Parent Universities and admissions for new Indian aspirants as well. Bukhara State Medical Institute signed an agreement and appointed Dr. B. DivyaSunitha Raj as an Indian Representative.

More than 500 students interviews were done for relocation and new students, 250 admission letters were issued which were presented by H.E Uzbekistan Ambassador to Delhi to students in presence of their parents with good interaction and shared the necessary information in Press meet at Hyderabad which is to be sister city of Hyderabad.

Neo Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology Ltd which is registered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, certified and apostle with MSCME and external affairs and evaluated by International Accurate Certification of UK with ISO 9001:2015 in quality management system is our official partner of Bukhara State Medical institute to help transfer students transition from Ukraine to Uzbekistan for MD Program in English medium and helping in getting maximum support from Parent Universities like Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, etc in Ukraine where they are have tremendous experience in international medical education, health services, technology, training etc with Ukraine Institutions and Indian students who studied there, this really helps for smooth relocation of students in our Institute. Moreover, it is supporting and investing our institute by providing Indian/international faculty, modern textbooks, advanced learning methods for quality teaching, additional training to clear FMGE/NEXT exams, and additional student housing.  NEO is also authorized to recruits new aspirants for 6 years MD and 5+1 MBBS programs in English medium with Internship from the academic year 2022/2023 along with relocation of transfer students.

We advise students and their parents to double-check the facts and the source’s authenticity before making a decision, and please rely on a provisional admission letter issued to students by our institute with factual, official information about the confirmation of students’ admission through interviews and on the basis of academic credits, course details, duration, medium of instruction, validity of degree, fee, and other details.

The administration office of Bukhara State Medical University, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is eager to assist and provide opportunities for Ukraine returned Indian students.

As a reputed institute, we request students and parents to double-check the authentic sources before making a decision.