Information analysis sector(5-sector)

Information analysis sector(5-sector)

Zhurayeva Gulizebo Makhmudovna

Head of the sector

Staff of the sector

Gadoeva Sarvinoz Yuldoshevna
Chief Specialist
Tokhirova Maftuna Bozorovna
Chief Specialist
Akhmedova Ferangiz Shukhratovna
Chief Specialist
Rustamova Zulfizar Shavkatovna

Information analysis sector

  1. The information analysis sector is responsible for ensuring timely processing of resources for data analysis in the educational process.
  2. Forms, creates, controls the activity of the HEMIS system.  
  3. Giving and controlling a login and password to access HEMIS,
  4. Direct control over the course of the educational process on the HEMIS platform, the organization of work on the basis of training plans and a graph of the educational process;
  5. Filling out registration forms and coordinating student enrollment on the HEMIS platform;
  6. Management of the system of confirmation of enrollment in training courses on the HEMIS platform;
  7. Formation of academic groups and potoks on the results of the attachment of students to disciplines on the HEMIS platform,
  8. Preparation of a list of graduate students who are applicants for a preferential diploma.
  9. Each semester forms a list of talented students by the end and makes them available to the management of the Institute.
  10. Carries out the maintenance and issuance of the current transcript and diploma application (transcript).