Planning and Finance Department

Planning and Finance Department

Sadikov Rizo Askaralievich

Head of the department

Staff of the department

Shukurova Feruza
Muradov Oktam

About the department

The financial Department of the plan is a structural unit of the Bukhara State Medical Institute (BDTI). The Department’s obligations include the development of current and pexpective plans, the development of costs for forecasting and maintaining bdti departments, the determination and implementation of Bdti’s financial needs from various sources (state budget, contract-payment special funds, research activities and other sources).

The financial Department of the plan draws up and organizes the work of the budget, payment and contract, special funds, Development Fund and expenditure estimates on the grand. To draw up a list of needs required for the current year in each direction according to the estimate, and estimate costs with departments and departments form the amount based on the budget and the limit of non-budget funds. The department will also analyze the financial and economic activities of the BDT and implement promising projects.

The financial Department of the BDTI plan has been performing the following tasks for years:

Drawing up a staffing schedule and conducting control;

Development and control of estimate spending forecast;

Conducting a complex economic analysis of all types of activities of the BDT;

Conducts statistical accounting for all economic indicators of the BDT and prepares current reports for the established deadlines;

To draw up a tariff list of professors, teachers, administrative-economic, teaching assistants for the new academic year and when the work rate and scholarship are increased;

Proofreading the staffing table taking into account the regulatory framework change;

Accounting of the source of Finance;

Draw up an estimate of expenses financed from the budget and funds from the nobyudzhet;

Correction of estimated spending on the basis of the approved limit of the Ministries of Finance and health of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

To analyze the expenditure of Estimate funds based on the reporting data;to establish monthly salaries of professors, teachers, administrative-economic and educational auxiliary personnel to employment contracts;

Checking every month for signs from departments, departments of the BDTI according to the approved staffing schedule.