The sector of work with international ratings

The sector of work with international ratings

Sector objectives

Work to get the institute into international rankings, such as The, QS, Webometrics, Green metrics. Assessing the institute’s performance in world rankings and providing resources for higher education institutions to achieve success. Our mission encompasses three core areas of university activity: research, outreach and teaching.
International rankings provide valuable information about the performance of universities and their place among other higher education institutions. This information is used to identify an institution’s strengths and weaknesses and to compare it with other institutions.
Development of principles influencing the rating of the institute.
Participation in international events dedicated to the international rankings of the institute, aimed at increasing and developing the institution’s position in international rankings and disseminating their results.
Explain how providing valuable information to employees can help improve an institution’s position in international rankings and improve student services by improving the institution’s reputation, providing feedback, and encouraging competition and innovation.
Work to attract students through programs and bring the institute to high positions, first in Asian and then in world rankings.
To help the institute become one of the institutions that attracts students through programs that are expanding internationally, starting in Asia.

International ratings sector

The goal of the sector is the systematic implementation of work to include the institute in the first thousand ratings of internationally recognized organizations QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) and THE (Times Higher Education) together with the departments that make up the institute.

The main objectives of the industry are:

Systematically analyze the scale of reforms implemented at the institute and ensure that they serve the purpose of improving the institute’s position in international rankings and indices that are a priority for the institute;

Development of proposals for the implementation of reforms in the field of higher education based on best international experience in order to improve the position of the institute in international rankings and indices, which are a priority for the institute;

Conduct a systematic analysis of existing real problems that prevent the institution from improving its position in priority international rankings, and develop proposals for solving them;

Ensuring participation in international rankings and indices, which is a priority for the institute;

High-quality formation of circles of academic and personnel consumers of the institute;

Determination of indicators of contribution to the international ranking of the institute by faculties, departments and other structural divisions of the institute.

Ensuring stability at the institute is our main task