Welcoming Remarks

Welcoming Remarks

Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino is one of the leading medical universities in Uzbekistan. Until now, thousands of outstanding figures of science and medicine have graduated from BSMI.

We invite you to join the global community of BSMI alumni! The unique experience gained within the walls of the Institute unites students and graduates and allows them to speak the same language. As part of the BSMI family, alumni can keep in touch and support their Alma Mater.

Our mission is to maintain strong ties between the Institute and alumni.

Our goals

Preserving the traditions of student communication and culture.

Support and development of the scientific, medical and pedagogical heritage of the Institute.

Promoting the values of the Institute.

Why is it important to become a member of the BSMI alumni community?

Involvement in the scientific life of the Institute

Attend events, give a presentation or become a member of the Conference Program Committee of the Institute and its partners. Implement your scientific projects with the help of the infrastructure of the Institute, become a partner of scientific projects, apply for scientific grants and carry them out at the Institute

Maintaining links with the institute

Communicate and meet at the venues of BSMI events and with the participation of BSMI. Each member of the alumni community has access to the territory of BSMI — come back to Alma Mater for inspiration

Influence on improving the quality of training and the opportunity to share practical experience

Become a member of the Councils of educational programs: participate in the formation of student curricula, quality control of program implementation and develop of a program development strategy. Conduct lectures, master classes and surgeries, including telemedicine surgeries. Become a member of the State Examination Commission or the Educational and Methodological Commission. By becoming a member of the SEC, you will be able to give your objective and independent assessment of the results of mastering the program by graduates. By becoming a member of the EMC, you will contribute to the analysis of the content of educational activities implemented at BSMI and at leading universities in the world.

Each graduate of BSMI can visit the institute’s buildings. For additional questions, please contact alumni@bsmi.uz.