Department of Research, Innovation and Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel

Department of Research, Innovation and Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel

Oripova Feruza Shopulatovna

Head of the department

Staff of the department

Khayrullayeva Dilnora Khislatovna
chief specialist
bakayeva Shakhlo Kamalovna

History of the department

Bukhara state medicine at the institute scientific researches, innovations and scientific-pedagogical personnel preparation department chief _  in office work arrivals:

In 2019-2020 – N.Sh. Ahmedova

In 2020-2021 – A.A. Raufov

2021-2022- F.I. Ibragimova

from 2022 for now until Aripova Feruza Shopulatovna scientific researches , innovations and scientific pedagogue personnel preparation department the head reached was appointed .  

About the department

Scientific researches, innovations and scientific-pedagogical personnel training department of the institute main structural from divisions one it is _ to the charter according to the work take goes and own activities institute Rector and Scientific of the council decisions and orders based on organize is enough

The last one in years scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel preparation higher education in the system new objectives and scope manifestation be started : today in the day not only high to technologies based on industry branches , scientific and educational institutions , perhaps services show field too high qualified to experts also feels the need . in the Republic of Uzbekistan scientific and pedagogical personnel preparation in the following steps and views done is increased : philosophy doctor of science (Doctor of Philosophy, PhD), doctor of science (Doctor of Science, DSc ) – through basic doctoral studies and doctoral studies , philosophy doctor of sciences (Doctor of Philosophy, PhD), doctor of science (Doctor of Science, DSc ) independent traceability through . As of June 1, 2022 according to from the diploma next education in institutions 75 basic doctoral students, 5 doctoral students, 196 independent PhD students candidates and 37 DSc independent seekers is studying BuxDTI with PhD and DSc scientific degrees to give for scientific councils organize and they _ efficient activity take is going BuxDTI under from 50 in scientific councils more than dissertation protections was conducted. Institute _ employees by 2 years including 93 PhD and 12 DSc _ dissertations protection was conducted.  

Goals and functions of management

Republic of Uzbekistan President of February 16 , 2017 ” High study from the country next education system more improvement on ” Decree No. PF- 4958 and the Republic of Uzbekistan Ministers ” High study from the country next education system more improvement measures on ” Decision No. 304 performance provide in order to i n the institute family study from the country next education about to documents according to Doctor of Philosophy , PhD , Doctor of Science , DSc level to give according to work organize reach;

– medicine in the system there is scientific, technical and clinical problems solution in doing institute scientists scientific from potential efficient use;

– scientific research their work to perform wide attraction reach the way with at the institute being prepared specialists potential to increase to help;

– institute scientists by created scientific developments study process and practice , work to issue current to do organize reach;

– from the budget except grants and farm contracts based on scientific research their work do it provide;

– scientific seminars and conferences organize to achieve , advanced foreign study countries , scientific centers scientists with information exchange , scientific cooperation to do;

– studies results based on created scientific and technical products sale to customers ( consumers ) ;

– at the institute scientific and scientific pedagogue personnel of preparation integrity provide in order to of doctoral students activities the only one program based on developed and high qualified specialists and scientific , scientific-pedagogical personnel preparation system fundamentally reform to do;